Friday, February 1, 2008

House crisis

Maybe it is just the jitters. But I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole going for my Master in Aussie in two weeks' time. Which is a bit strange, seeing this is not my first time. So lately, my emotions had been riding up and down like a roller coaster which would even scare the cellulite off Lowena. So you can be sure that it really throws you off.

Ups with excitement of meeting old friends and places once familiar.
Downs with frustration at all the things I have to tackle before setting my foot there.

I must admit I am somewhat a planner kinda person. 'Somewhat' - cause I dun really do it like for example, I just do something with intuition and 'inspiration+creativity' as my lead. 'Somewhat' - as well cause I like to know that everything is in order and that I am in control (as much as I can) of things around me.

Not a control freak tho, as I tend to have selective-seeing and do hope to have selective-hearing. Then the world will be much more beautiful.

Eventhough there is only 1 thing among all the other millions of petty and also, scary stuffs which I have remaining unsettled, I freak and will try to pull all stops to have it settled. And if I can't do a thing about it, I freak and just freak.

So as I remain homeless and please envision poor Me looking up at the dark grey skies with raindrops falling down my harsh-winter-flushed-pink-cheeks so you can't separate tears from raindrops. Do you want that to happen to me? IF no, please donate to the Provide A Shelter For Loretta fund. Thanks 'first' for the first donation, Choo. Wahaha.

I am desperate for a house. And I can do nothing to ease this desperation. So-
I am frustrated for this process. And I can do nothing to speed up the process. So-
I am angry for this helplessness. And I can do nothing to help cos I am helpless. So-
I am hungry for using too much energy for this. So-

I eat.

And continue the cycle.

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