Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rain rain rain

It is raining now, making my comfort zone so cold. While watching the raindrops fall and skimming through journal articles, my mind wandered to a lot of places.

Living in this house for more than a month now. And surprisingly, I managed to really recognize it as my 'home' in such a short period of time. Home is where the heart belongs, read one of the decos on the floor (yet to be displayed on the wall). In the past few days, I really came to realize that as I found being in this shell, I dun mind the occasional solitude it offers, the quietness when no one is around, the itsy-bitsy chores which are usually petty and the loudness when everyone is around. So I am really glad to have settled down here.

Oh the rain stopped.

I still remember the amount of thinking I did a few days before I left KL for here. It felt like the hardest thing to do. But that day, while walking back from the gym and looking up into the sky, I felt like, somehow, no matter where anyone of us are, we are still living under the same sky. And as long as that happens, a little effort is all we need to see each other again. Although it might seem like a hassle, but at the same time, isn't it just a bit of a hassle?

It is easy to forget, despite how hard I try. But last night I called my Sibuga Grandma. And it brought the hakka-ness into the house!

WenJi and her mum just returned from their Central Australia trip and shared lotsa interesting stories with us all! Last night was hotpot again in our Clear-the-Damn-Full-Fridge Project. So nice to see the house lively and noisy, the way I like it. Afterall, I have lived and loved the 13-family-members-crammed-into-a-condo-unit Chinese New Year this year. Well, the fact that there was rummy and mahjong helped! I just love the noise and intimacy.

Much like the way I like the noise and intimacy I get from the people around me nowadays. Of course, I hope ultimately I can be with every single important person of mine everyday, but it is time to grow up I guess. One can never have everything in this world and for me, I think I already have much more than I deserve.

There is something I forgot to mention on that day though! Here is a thank you list to the people who contributed to my housewarming party~!

Uncle Tan: Home-made apple crumble and mocha cheesecake (and for the extra 1kg it gave me)
Lilet: For the nice jellies!
JingWen: For the humongous lasagne!
Daniel: For the Fu Chuk Yi Mai
Amy: For the noise and commotion and. . . fun?
Shirley and Brother: For the rummy skills and help in buying stuffs.
Olivia: For turning up and the rummy set!
Cassie, Ashley and LipKai: For the spring rolls!
Chitz, Shimona and Sandra: For the nice bottle of red wine!
WooHsian: For another nice bottle of white wine!
EuJin and Rayner: For the Pictionary you brought along and the cute lamp you gave us.
WanRu: For the nice gift of nuts and confectioneries.

...and the list goes on!

See, I have nice friends!

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