Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wilson's Prom (Nothing to do with Woo or a prom-Prom!)

It was Anzac Day two days back and being Malaysians (and one very Malaysian-fied Thai), with out kiasu-flame burning inside of us, we chose to not waste time sleeping in on that day but opted to go for a day trip to Wilson's Promontory. Before I continues, let me clarify that this place has nothing to do with Woo Hsian no matter how misleading it might be.

Everyone got together at the meeting point (Marshall base) before 8 a.m., yes even dear Olivia, and everyone had an idea of hiking and walking playing in their head, except for Olivia.

. . . .Apparently, she thought it was gonna be a walk along the beach. A leisure walk. Gomen gomen!

So off we drove! 3 hours journey to the Prom itself. Driver Tan and Driver Lim were quite efficient as we got there without getting lost. On the way, we had an interesting topic about surnames and given names. Some very 'mou liu' PKN told me before that given her kids were to have the surname 'Low' (cough cough), she would name them Low Fat. And if her kids have the initials of L.I.Q., then they can have this printed on their business cards - I.Q. Low! Nice!

Which then reminds me of something similar in high school, when our Additional Maths teacher, Mister Tan, asked us to think of some English names for his son/ daughter. Some genius came up with this - Afghanis Tan and Pakis Tan. An extension to this idea, for chinese name, it would be cool to be known as - Tan Sri? Yeng~!
While in the car, WenJi had a tough time multitasking. . .

Upon reaching the Prom, what did we do? Well, we ate again. To charge up our energy before the long climb up Mt. Oberon. I bet at this stage Olivia still did not know the real reason we focused that hard on eating more more MORE!

We had bread, tomato, ham, fruit chutney, cheese slices, potato chips, cuttlefish/fish thing. . .etc! The food sure seems harmless, but for some reasons, Miss Aim got high and started performing her Ratchaburi laugh. Or maybe it happens whenever she ties her hair up that way. . . ?
While waiting for the shuttle to take us to Mt. Oberon, we walked to a nearby beach and took some pictures there. The topic of conversation here was sadly, WenJi's Alice Spring trip experience with all the hole-dugging issue. . .

Climbing up Mt Oberon was not an easy task. So as motivation, we did it the Amazing Race style. The problem is no one was actually racing and the loser team (names shall not be named cher. . . ) took their sweet time to reach the summit about 30 minutes later while Winner Olivia and the other somewhat winners, snapped away with their camera.

The ones who won by 30 minutes: Kelvin, Shirley, Ray, WenJi, Olivia & Me.

Here are shots we took from the summit of Mt. Oberon. Love the merging of the sea and skies, as if there is no boundary separating the two great entities. This took an hour plus of climbing to get, and approximately 18850 kilocalories. No bluffing.

Watch out Yipi! I am becoming a very good photographer! I took this picture and am very proud of my 'accidentally' good timing! And who needs Photoshop? Just cut out the trees and there you have it - A FREE FALL - from just a mere jump. Tensai da!

So, in a nutshell, this picture of WenJi says it all - victory!

Next stop was Squeaky Beach! The sand actually squeaks when you step on them! But of course, you require some skills, to make it squeak loud and clear. And the way it squeaks will forever be lingering in my mind given its close association with WenJi now and the existence of a tutorial video teaching us how to make the sand squeak Happy-Feet style.

The weather was gloomy so the beach did not look as good in the picture, but we saw a lot of budding surfers out there and we squeaked. . er, squealed whenever a big wave came crashing into them!

More eating and posing around the beach! After that, we drove back in full concentration due to the very dark roads and the drizzling sky. Stopped by a Vietnamese place for a BIG dinner and left the place wondering where did the theme of this trip go. By the way, the theme was 'Exercise-Day-Trip'.

Before the trip, I went out for dinner with some of my new coursemates for the first time. Not for the first time, but it was the first time we ate together outside of class hours! After wine and cheese (like any other Wednesdays) and meeting with a VIP from Malaysia (inspiration revived!), we went to Sofia Camberwell for a nice dinner. Stuffed myself full. Real full. I bet some vicious few are wondering whether I have 'grown' yet. Here is a picture of me and WanRu after the dinner, bleh.

Have I 'grown' yet!?

Well, I hope not. But, lately my life has been in this state . . .

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