Friday, May 2, 2008

Beautiful food

Food makes the world goes round. Particularly round shaped, colourful food.

Doesn't the mere sight of such lovely food bring happiness to your busy days?
With food you like, it is like happiness.
The sight of it makes your heart skip a beat.
The moment you indulge in it, you feel happiness all around you.
The sweet sweet taste that lingers in your mouth reminds you of the glee it brought.
But before long, the tastes will be gone.
Then you start to worry about the cellulite, fat or health defects it might bring.
The more you evaluate, the more evil or sinful it seems.
Before long, you are hitting the gym.
Pushing yourself. Trying to sweat it all out.
Isn't this the same as life?
Happiness are always transient and harder to capture in life.
Unhappiness always lingers and drags you deeper and deeper.
Without knowing, everything within you will be drained of its meaning - if you resort to chasing happiness blindly.
So, instead, why not rely on food?
Beautiful food.

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