Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Claypots in St Kilda

Ray asked me out through sms last Friday. The previous statement is so formal just because it happens so rarely.

He told me we were going to a seafood restaurant. Excited I imagined the panoramic view of Docklands and platters of fresh seafood delicately placed on ice.

More excited, I put on my dainty skirt and cut my own fringe. Yes, that was the fateful day when I decided to cut my own fringe and live with gaps.

Evidence 1: Big gap in the middle.

This is the lucky token we got from Meiji Temple. This is specifically for Victory. Oh how I miss Japan.

The driver proved to be concentrating on the road - good.

I love this skirt I got at a bargain from Forever New. Mmm. Mmm. Somehow thinking about shopping and bargain prices give me a shudder as it reminded me that my Sister will be coming over this coming July. I wonder why.

One thing I really love about Melbourne are the extremely straight roads which seem to stretch on forever right before you.

Owl City 'Fireflies' was playing at that moment, I remember cause I was trying very hard to act all emo.

Me: So what is the restaurant called??
Ray: Claypots.
Me: . . . as in Claypot King, the very 'Claypot'?
Ray: Yeah.
Instantly the panoramic view of Docklands and seafood platters on ice image was withdrawn into the universe of nothingness and out jumped this roasted pork and potted rice image with a fat sweaty butcher sporting a mighty tooty grin.
But I was wrong, phew ooh lala.
Claypots is situated in St. Kilda and is tucked away at a quiet corner. From the outside, it looks like a small old little bar with nothing much inside. Upon entering, you see a stand very similar to one of those at the Fish Market in Sydney. But once you are ushered inside, you will find not only a cosy little room but also a secret garden perfect for outdoor dining.
I loved the bougainvilleas (bunga kertas, remember?).
Everything there seemed to perfectly fall into place. The lazy walls.

Entrees we gobbled up the minute they arrived.

The view from the secret garden. Palm trees (?), floating wooden ships.

Isn't this just like Sky Island in One Piece?

Oh and among all these pretty little things, he had to give me the finger! Spoiler.

Pebbles on the floor rocking my high heels.

Then our dinner came. And that was when all the OMG-ness started.
Calamari stuffed with scallop and spinach. (Vaguely remember the name of the dish)

Ray squeezed all the stuffings inside out! :-( But it was still good. The best thing about this dish is the fact that it is tangy. You find yourself not getting enough even as you see the last piece of spinach vanish into your stomach.

Kingfish fillets (Forgot the name of the dish!)

This dish was humongous. Again, the best thing about this dish was the juiciness of the fish. Oh and noteworthy is the bok choy. It is seriously the best bok choy ever and it did not taste Asian/Western/Thai? What is it?!
Two dishes were more than enough for us heavyweight eaters, so I would say it was good value! Service was impeccable as the people there were very very friendly.
After dinner, we strolled along the beach for a while. Just in time for sunset. And for me to test out my baby G11.
. . . . and test out the over-exposure effect. (Actually, a technical error of mine haha)
This post was supposed to be written days ago but then I got into a fight with Ray and decided to postpone it. Although the pictures of the food make me really happy, having to mention him in the post made me mad :-(
But how can I keep a good eating place a secret from my friends? Is that a crime or what? I mean, what if you guys find some amazing place at freaking cheap prices and decide not to tell me?
The horror.

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Mel said...

yea it is a huge crime if you don't share! haha! anyway it looks like a lovely place for some good food. yum!

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