Monday, March 29, 2010

13 sins

My fate was determined one fateful day in March when Final Fantasy 13 was released. Being someone with a high internal locus of control, I carefully avoided all things FF13 for the sake of my bank account, better furniture for my new room and time cost.

But then. I have friends.

I was bombarded with MSN messages asking if I have gotten the game or even started playing it. From people I feel tired of talking to to people I haven't talked to in ages. So I blocked out instant messaging.

And they decided to ask through Facebook. Usually I don't see them so remember me. So I blocked out Facebook too.

And they decided to ask me in person or call just to ask. Whee.

Being the determined and strong-willed person I am, I bought the game.

Wahaha, yeah determined and strong-willed to complete the game mah.

But then you can never please anyone! These lovely friends started to ask - "Why did you buy the game when you don't have the console!?"

Yeah. I got the game before I had a PS3.

Why? Is there a problem? We did the same thing by buying FF10 (albeit the pirated but gold disc (!!) version) before having a PS2, right Dear Sister Lok? (Help me out here!)

So seriously, I am done pleasing all these people. You guys asked me why I didn't get it and now that I've gotten it, you are asking me why I got it pulak (forget the fact I didn't have a console to utilize it for a while hoho).

I shall just sit here and be mesmerised by the PACKING of my limited edition FF13 for PS3!

For a closer look at the grand title.

This is the compilation of soundtrack picked by the composer just for me (!) - one of the many who bought the limited edition disc!

Here comes the real deal - the game ooohhh ahhhhh!

A bundle of delicious graphics.

A hard cover book detailing the world of FF13. Note: hard cover.

That is right. I shall not succumb to pleasing everyone around me by getting a PS3 just for a game. A puny little oh-so-droolworthy and graphically explosive cinematic experience of a game. Neither am I obsessed about this FF13 phenomenon until I sourced three EB Games just to get the limited edition. And to prove this, I shall tear my eyes away from this PACKING of the game and slay some feral mutants in the world of Cocoon.
Gotta go, my PS3 controller . . .ergh, no. . . phone is vibrating.
. . . . .see, all because of you guys. I had no choice but to get a PS3. Now is anyone of you going to set up a fund for me or not? :(

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