Monday, March 29, 2010


Like I said, life is but a hell of a rollercoaster.

I have been too bipolar to blog properly for the past fortnight (going from depressed to overjoyed in a cyclic manner was baddddd).

So here is a random post about life during the past 2 bipolar weeks.

#1 Girls Night Out

don't you just love it when it is all about dressing up, going out, catching up and eating mad good food?

It had been a while since we dolled up for dinner together, what with everyone busy all the time and me busy don't know doing what!

We were going to an Italian/European place, hence the whole wannabe-Parisian feeling here.

I realise I am at a disadvantage. You see, these are the pictures I took of Ray.

Not too bad, except that the quality of the model is out of my control.
But look at the pictures he took of me.

Eyes closed.
Mouth stuffed.

Tugging bread.

How is this fair? Bought a nice camera just to take pictures of undeserving, ungrateful people! Hmph.

These 2 pictures remind me that we've grown, definitely. . . .

WenJi: German beer are really nice!
Me: Not bitter?
WenJi: It's different!
Me: (See picture)
Then I discovered this cool function in my camera. It is called Colour Accent. It made me ooh-ahh the whole night.

Oh by the way, the restaurant name was Lento in South Yarra. I remember the ambience, I remember the nice company of my friends. . .
And I remember the mountain goat in the middle of the restaurant.

Not so much about the food, though. I remember it being nice, but not bombastic. I could be wrong:
1) It has been too long that my memory is failing me
2) The depressive episodes drained me of my energy to remember

Nevertheless, here are a few pictures of dishes which name I cannot recall! And if they don't make you think, "Wow, your camera is quite awesome!" then it will be good enough if they make you crave for pasta in the middle of the night!
This is my gnocchi with prawns!

Oh and that's it! For the night ended in frustration and geram-ness.
#2 My new housemates (2 of them anyway)
Me: I got a huge blister from my red shoes!!!
WenJi (old housemate, new house): Don't poke it! Let it be, it will heal up naturally!
Jess (new housemate): Poke it with a needle!
. . . and they said it at the same time.
And my frustration ended in a burst of laughter.
#3 I am really really keen on doing something else during my free time.
Not that I have a lot of charity time seeing that FF13 isn't exactly letting me go. But I really want to start something. Something different, something out of the blue, something to pick me up from the doom of routine, something . . .anything.
Ideas I have explored:
1 Start a business (lack: money, experience, idea)
2 Volunteer for a charity body (lack: resources, idea)
3 Study some professional course (lack: money)
4 Travel to exotic places (lack: money, time, sponsor)
. . . so I am back to killing a few monsters a night on my PS3. And feeling flustered for not doing anything useful!
#4 I love reconnecting with old friends.
I have been calling my best pal since when-what-where, Steve, quite often. It is okay that he never calls me (I have to do the calling all the time!). It is okay that he doesn't talk to me all the time (I have to initiate conversations!). It is okay that he always has nothing nice to say (I have to beg him for positive remarks!).
But it is good to have someone to talk to and you know it.
Ohhhh and did I mention Tshun is coming over soon? Can't wait to show him that Shiro is a different kinda cute right now.
#5 I am glad.
My relationship is on more stable grounds right now.
And this is where my rollercoaster ended with me safely back on Earth.

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