Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sisters fighting on

I have only one sister.

She must be the one person I fight most with and disagree most with.

Maybe it is because we don't share the same haircut like some sisters do.

Or the photocopied face/anatomy.

And we are so very different in many ways.

Just look at our faces.

  • Face shape: Me (Mum = small, skinny) vs. Sis (Dad = chubby)
  • Chin: Me (Dad = protruding) vs. Sis (Mum = small)
  • Eyes: Me (Mum = almond shape) vs. Sis (Grandma/Dad = round)
  • Nose: Me (Mum = slightly higher, bigger) vs. Sis (Grandma/Dad = small button)
  • Lips: Me (Mum = thin) vs. Sis (Dad = full)
  • Skin: (Mum = oily, prone to pimples) vs. Sis (Dad = good, matte)

In fact so acceptive we were of this fact that one of our tops jokes was when this nurse asked if my sister and I were twins.

Growing up, we can't be more different.

Here I must blame my dad a bit huhuhu. See my Dad doted on me as a -

- girly girl girl.

And he doted on my Sis as a -

- boy-boy.

As such, I had a PMS-y, whiny, emo, reserved and slightly antisocial childhood while my dear Sis had a jolly good ol' Playstation, junk food, chatterbox, bubbly and over-socialised childhood. I swear it was as if I was constantly on antidepressants which did not work and she was drunk without alcohol.
Then we entered another phase in life where my Sis became moody like me and I jolly like her. We also swapped body size. I became the fatter one instead of her (hence began my dark ages).
And you know what, through thick and thin (life and body size alike), we fought and fought and fought.
Over every single little thing.
Blanket. Biscuits. Playstation. Mum. School. Friends. Cockroaches. Restaurants. Perspectives. Music. Clothes. Attitude. Weight. Cellphones. Cousins. Names. Relationships.
Oh and also this huge chunks of cheese Sis cut for 3 small crackers.
Our fighting worries our family and sometimes friends. Especially Mum the other fiery dragon.
But the thing is, at least from my own perspective, we fight but we learn and laugh too.
We don't learn about our faults/admit our wrongs to each other the HongKong-drama-melodramatic-OTT-way complete with violion strings and sappy soundtracks as background. We don't pour our emotions out with tears of appreciation and hugs of love. We don't encourage each other with big toothy grins and hearty pats on our backs or even beautiful words of compliment.
But we have a way - one only both of us know.

A nod of head. Pulling a face. Code words. A certain stare. A special grunt. A small hand movement. A subtle cue.
I cannot say I am best friends with my sister. I do hate her from time to time *whistles* But I can say that I know her better than anyone else and my heart softens most towards her (after Ray sometimes haha and maybe another 200 people). And sometimes I feel like she should feel the same too.
And how did we end up this way?

I daresay it is because we fight and never forgets to laugh together again, no matter how long it took to bury the hatchet.

That is the special bond I share with my sister.
Finally the cheongsam girls. . . .

. . . have fought their way to strength!

This post is to more fights and more of me making you cry and more of you making me angry!
It was a blast fighting with you again the last 2 weeks and can't wait for our next fight. Be it a pretend one or a REAL nasty one!

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