Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunny BF-less Sunday

Hello look at the sun telling you that it is Sunday!

Melbyland has been surprisingly consistently sunny during the last few days! Totally befitting for Me who has been living out of a suitcase filled with new summer clothes from Malaysia.

I went out for a stroll with some of my girl friends. Just me with my trusty new BFF camera, long-time frenemy cash and also a good mood. *meditate - come, good mood, come*

I attempted to trim my own fringe the other day out of frustration and voila - multiple gaps along bangs! *ooom - good mood, stay*

Our first destination was to our favourite vintage market, Camberwell Market.

I still remember how we used to wake up early on Sunday just to catch the bus and then the tram alllllllll the way from Clayton to Camberwell. And go crazy.

And also the times we wake up way earlier, as in 4 a.m., to secure a spot to sell our treasures in the market!

Now, as crazy as we are about this market, we can drive allllll the way there while gossipping in the car about boyfriends and celebrities. Kinda amazing what 2 years do to you.

I love markets. Food market, organic market, art market. They are always lovely.

Some sights which brightened my day in Camberwell market.

People dancing on the street.

I am always impressed with people who can be so spontaneous as to dance right on the street with friends and strangers alike. I can never be so sporting and most importantly, I can't move my body right.

Random stuffs being sold.

This reminds me of my Grandma :-)

A poor dog getting tired of all the people and their shopping craze.

What more does a girl need to bring on a good mood other than shopping?
Food,of course.
In accordance to the 'vintage market shopping' feel we had for the day, we went for lunch at . . .
. . . a Hakka Restaurant. So mm ngam feel, right???

I am starting to love my camera! A bit heavy for my twigs of hands but definitely worth it when the pictures delight all of my equally vain friends :)

After that I dropped by Chaddie to do initiate a life-changing event. So major it is that I have to meditate again. *oooooommmmmm*
So there you go, a perfectly sunny Sunday with all my girl friends doing things we like, talking about things we enjoy and indulging in every moment of it.
Who says one cannot enjoy Sundays while in a fight with their boyfriend? ROAR max.

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