Monday, June 15, 2009

Karaoke Beast

My musical senses have always been severely restricted at home.

Mum: "On Ecstacy ah?"

Grandma: "You wanna stomp away all of your Dad's fortune ah?"

Feet-tapping/shaking (Along to beat of music)
Grandma: "You wanna shake away all your Dad's fortune ah?"
Mum: *slap thighs*

Grandma: "Shouting when there is thunder, you want your mouth to crook ah?"

Watching Glay Live in full-blast volume
Mum: "Wi-wi-wa-wa also don't know what they are singing ah!"

Watching Glay Live in very mild volume
Mum: "Why are their hairstyles like that ah?"

And finally:

Mum: "Hoi, leg cramp or seizure ah?"
I was dancing to the music.


Hence I am a karaoke beast - which scares everyone in different ways. Ngaum.


A few of my favourite lives:

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Lowena said...

i could not find ur chatbox. or is it one of your many ways to make readers leave comment instead, heh. we didnt make it to karaoke the last time you were home -_-

hikari* said...

Not really, I just decided to de-clutter my blog. Since it was not used anyway so I decided to remove it. Well, nothing is really ever used here, so might just wrap up this quiet blog. Sigh. I wanna sing everything away :-(

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