Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Surprise Guest

Here's the surprise I promised yesterday!

Double stacked pancakes with bacon and caramelised banana sprinkled with fine sugar mm-mm.

Just kidding. This is the SURPRISE!

Eric came to visit today. Just like what we always do whenever we meet up, we went for a meal near Lygon Street. But unlike what we always talked about, we explored topics such as career, starting up a business, the future. All the way from primary school till now as young adults, I am sure our conversational topics had evolved a lot and our personalities had grown a lot.

Too bad he is leaving tomorrow for New Zealand. Meet again during Chinese New Year? Sigh, I hope.

Today was a good day :-)

Tomorrow I will finally get the day off for some gym-ing, ironing, leisure reading about patents, cooking - before going off for my marking job!

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ZZ said...

feed me please...
check out my latest food post!! hahaha blogging about these food is making me hungry... :(

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