Monday, June 1, 2009

A Sandwich

Earlier this year, with me looking for a job on a full-time basis, I dedicated a lot of my time into creative cooking. It was especially exciting to hear the others, especially Mr Tan, comment on the unique taste, sometimes in a positive way sometimes in a negative way haha.

Now that I am working day and night with no time to cook or even eat a proper home-cooked meal, I am getting hand-made sandwiches from Mr Tan.

Wholemeal bread with cheese, roasted chicken and salad (minus the rockets I hate). A perfectly balanced meal.

It is simple gestures and surprises like this which make me happy and thankful for Mr Tan. It is great how I need no reminder to be grateful for what I have, for I am always grateful for the fact that almost 3 years on, I can still smile when I think of him :-)

. . . . and I have a surprise guest dropping by here tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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