Thursday, June 18, 2009

My constant

Life can be so unpredictable.

One moment it is clear and sunny.

The next it is cold and gloomy.

And just like the weather, not everything lies in our hands. As much as I believe that we decide our own future, there is no denying destiny and fate play an important role as deciding factors. In a sense, we take control of our own future by fighting the negative and embracing the positive of destiny and fate.

In a nutshell, we must strive to live for a future we believe in.

It is such a cliche how things you want are always the hardest to obtain or latest to surface for realization in life. Maybe, it is not such a cliche at all, for who would learn to want things granted to them.

I step out of the house for an approximately 1 hour journey to my city workplace.

Work is stressful and workload is increasing but I feel enriched and satisfied knowing that I am gaining the right experience.

I then go for another approximately hour long journey to my second workplace at 4.15 pm.

Work is strainful to the eyes and monotonous but I feel comforted knowing I am earning my own living here.

I work half a day on Saturdays.

Work during weekends is a bummer but I feel glad knowing that I am saving up for the rainy days.

I have been losing weight due to the lack of main meals and exercise.

Losing a few pounds and a slimmer frame were the goals of all my previous unsuccessful diet plans but I feel the need to uphold a healthy lifestyle.

I haven't groomed myself (applying mask, getting a haircut, etc) lately at all.

Grooming is important and necessary in my perspective although time consuming but I am determined to at least put a bit of heart into choosing my outfits and adding colours to my make up.

I have been living on cereal, homemade sandwiches and apples.
The food tastes the same and the presentation is always crumpled but I add creative ingredients like nutella with banana and tuna with baked beans to excite myself.

What I am trying to say is - life is so uncertain, unstable for me right now.

From another perspective - if it is uncertain and unstable, that must mean that it is because I am moving and exploring - not stagnant, not static.

While people always hope for something constant in their lives, do we really need that much constance in our lives?

Instead of that, I only need a few constants in my life who will move along with me through uncertainties - not anchoring me to a web of other constants.

Yes, just that.

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