Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dreams are not dead.

With a lot of birthdays coming and going lately, it sure reminds me of the fact that everyone around me is growing up, moving ahead and building their own lives. You know how people always say that once you step out of school/university, you will enter reality and poof goes your dreams/ambitions? Frankly, I feel the otherwise.

While in university I was always moving along with the syllabus, or my coursemates, or the lecturers. For the past 5 years of university, honestly, how many big decisions have I made with regards to my future? Not much, less than ten? Basically, just choosing my course, selecting the units? Now that I think about it, those aren't much at all, are they! And let's not go into high school.

During those 5 years, we were severely restricted by the term 'student' and after that the 'complexity of what we learnt'. As a 'student', you are protected by an educational context/environment, everything seems like a case study. The 'complexity of what we learnt' scares us, makes us less adventurous, and succumbs us to the norm.

So that is why, once we step out of university, we are less ambitious beings who are looking to entering the society as another member, not too outstanding not too overshadowed, with a normal job building a normal life.

. . . . No? Yeah, no. I don't think so.

In fact, I see the otherwise.

The 'university' phase constraints you in terms of freedom to roam (studies first, remember?), confidence to explore (the status of student) and time to pursue your dream (universities offer just that many courses..). Once you step out, you are exposed to a world without a map. Free to roam, free to conquer.

I personally don't believe that people die bit by bit inside once they come out to work. Look around you, every shop, every event, every electronic product, every restaurant menu, every leaflet you receive - really represents a dream. Don't they?

If you say dreams have died off long ago, then chances are, you will have a global population of doing-nothings.

But our world is thriving. And what drives this? People who dared to dream and live it.

Don't look too far. Just people beside you.

Mac3 just started her own blogshop with big plans ahead while confiding this to be her what she had always wanted to do, while working hard for her day job.

Nov25 traveled miles away to the U.S. to search for her dream, to gain not only life experience but a story to tell everyone.

Nov10 wants his manga to be published in JUMP magazine and is a semi-pro runner right now, these all started after graduation.

May16 has a dream of being an archeologist - it is still vivid.

Aug17 made friends, built networks, joint bootcamps, started living on her own this very year.

Nov24 talked to me about new business opportunities in his head about to come true and his excitement over his own future.

May31 never bowed out despite all the unfortunate events and disappointment he met with this year, the most amazing this is - he is still standing strong and trying, always with a smile on his face.

Jul14 'loves his job' this year and is envisioning a future which is bigger and more ambitious than it had ever been. The best thing is - he is more confident and determined despite the bigger dreams.

Dec31 is glad to have found a job she really likes and am fighting all odds to enter this field, all the while thinking about all sorts of side projects she can do and learn from (mini dreams since young).

Do you still think dreams have died out?

This list just includes the few people I could think of from my close network within 10 minutes. Now imagine, you and your dream :-)

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