Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mayday Concert

Remember I went to MayDay's DNA World Tour last month? Ahem, I just got the pictures so here goes!

I went there not knowing what to expect as *horror* I did not know much about the band or its songs *double horror* it was my first ever concert! (Same as Melissa though!)

Naturally, I was quite worked up about it. Totally in the mood as I wore a T-shirt with prints of instruments, loaded myself in the colour black and curled my hair too!

After having dinner together, we took a tram to HiSense Arena and for a moment - during that tram ride - I thought I teleported to Taiwan/China. The whole tram stop and tram itself was jam-packed with Chinese. Like a can of Chinese sardines.

Like I said, I did not know much of their songs so I can't tell you what songs were played save for the few real popular ones such as Jue Jiang, Liun Ai-ing, etc.
Look at my scrunched face.

See Jue Jiang Tan singing over there. And look at my instrument T-shirt!

There was only one encore session though! That is the stage and the members!

You know how I always went on and on that my first concert have to be Glay's hence I kept my first concert experience for this long?

Well. I did not exactly break this rule!

During one of the songs, MayDay showed snippets from way back when they just started until their current state and then suddenly!!! They showed a picture of them with . . . . . GLAY!! That was my single most closest encounter with TERU or GLAY in a concert venue. A concert venue despite it being a mere projection on the big screen.

There, a milestone reached. Next, the real deal - seeing GLAY live in action.

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