Monday, June 22, 2009

Tough and tough

Going through tough and tough.

The 19th of June must have been the worst and also the best day ever.

Knowing that you feel more for the pain of someone you love than for your own pain - I can't think of a better way to describe love/care. Despite the pain we are going through right now, I can't help but feel blessed knowing that I am indeed loving someone in the most sincere and simple way.

Days ahead will be hard just because they are uncertain, unstable and empty. If you are not that overly-positive to see uncertainties as possibilities (it takes practice :->), at least I will be a constant among all these uncertainties.

This constant is not that sturdy as to be able to shield you from the rainstorm, but will surely be there - albeit weak, broken or helpless.

This constant is not that amazing as to be able to rid you of all sadness, but will surely try to bring a smile to your face - albeit lame jokes, clumsy acts and failed attempts.

This constant is not that strong as to be able to hold you together at point break, but will surely try hard to anchor you to sanity - through human touch, maybe a hug or crying with you.

Things are tough and tough.
You are showing a stronger face.
I am showing a stronger face.
Our hands are shaking.

But we will go through this together.
And that is all that we need to know.

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Tarnos said...

Very inspirin n touchin.:) Take care n b strong.

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