Monday, October 26, 2009

About Love

There must be a reason why love is still such a hard thing to understand.

Or is it something to be understood at all?

The reason you fall in love can stem from something as small as a quick glance or a kind smile or even that cute cheesy red jumper.

The reason you are in love can be as simple as fate or taking chances or working hard at it.

The reason you fall out of love can be as easy as boredom or another person or that bad little habit you cannot stand.

Maybe it is because the reasons as so simple that we cannot understand love.

Maybe it is because we don't believe love is this simple that we cannot understand love.

But maybe we do not have to understand love at all because it is not work for the brain but fruit from the heart.

Maybe love really is as simple as coming from heart to that special someone.

Or to make it easier to the brain: From Point A to Point B.

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