Friday, October 16, 2009

Bizarre Canberra Trip

I went to Canberra to have my passport renewed on Thursday. Cause I rejoiced over my tickets to Japan only to find out that my passport was gonna expire in 5 months' time.

What I expected to be a boring long day trip to Canberra turned out to be a strangely whimsical ride.

Train to Southern Cross Station. Last thing I saw was Hughesdale Station and the next blink it was Southern Cross Station.

Skybus to the airport. Again, I was nodding to sleep, memory of the ride similar to the flickers of old films played.

Airplane to Canberra. My body defied all the usual spoilt demands for food, water or entertainment opting to sleep all the way. The flight was a bit turbulent. At one point, it seemed like the whole airplane was engulfed into a grey blob of angry clouds. But I was too tired to panic.

Taxi to the High Commission of Malaysia. It was freaking expensive for a 15 minute ride. Went into the office in a daze. The office was filled with Malaysian chatter. Nasi lemak, lah's, mah's, walau's, uncles in golf pants. It felt in a way familiar. Submitted my application. Took a set of passport pictures with me looking like a candidate in amaid agency. Was told to pick up at 3pm.

It was only 10.40 am. 4 hours of boredom and possible death from boredom?

Is there anything else interesting around this place, I asked. No, they replied.
Are there any places to eat around here, I asked. No, they replied.
How is the weather like out there, I asked. Rain, they replied.

Do you want to go to the city for lunch with me,a lady asked. Yes please yes, I replied.

BMW ride. Yes, in a turn of luck, I got to ride around town in a BMW 530i. Catching not only lunch, but coffee and great company. Befriended some Malaysian Melburnians and back to the office to collect our passports. All of us looked ugly in the shots, apparently although no one was willing to share.

Walked around the city looking for a cab while talking about property investment, family and career. Everyone is having a 2009 filled with change and surprises, it seemed.

Taxi to Canberra airport. Flight at 7.20 pm but it was only 4 pm and no I was not allowed to catch the earlier flight. Why oh why did I purchase the cheap tickets which did not allow me that flexibility? *Pretty obvious why huh?*

Read in the book shop, sudoku-ed, read some magazines, listened to my MP3 player. Finally it was time for boarding.

Airplane back to Melbourne. Another lapse of sleep. Not much memory here.

Skybus back to Southern Cross Station. Woke up in time to hear the driver saying . . "This used to be called Spencer Street Station. . " before sleeping off again.

Train back to Huntingdale Station with WenJi. Talked about life, girls, family until we were forced to come down at Caulfield Station to take some service bus back to Oakleigh Station. The horde of people from the train into one tiny bus?

Bus 900 back to Huntingdale. Took almost 30 minutes plus almost missing out stop thinking someone else must have rang the bell.

Back home and showered.

Woke up with a ringing headache the next day and fever in the afternoon. What an adventure. I feel like Alice, in the Wonderland. Oh make it Alice in Resident Evil. Umm mm.

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