Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Korean-vampire birthday and a blinking cool dog

My Mum would probably kill me if I edit her pictures with the Halloween function on Picnik giving her pearly white skin with glaring red eyes.

But there are tons of Twilight fans out there and among these Twi-Hards, one's whose birthday was yesterday. Yay, to vampirifying the birthday pictures!

For her birthday dinner, Yiki called everyone to a Korean BBQ restaurant called Hwaro in the city. It was a really nice place and the food was good. I guess this was clearly obvious as there was always a crowd waiting outside the place for the whole 2 hours I was there.

Hungry on the way to Yiki's birthday dinner hence the extremely pale skin and angry-red eyes.

While looking on as temptation cooked in front of us. See how Wenji and Olivia appear washed-out white after editing? I wonder why my skin colour failed to achieve such an effect even after editing :-(

See what I mean? And my eyes just wouldn't turn 'red'. Sigh. I just want to be cool as a vampire for once. Sigh.

I loved the marinade and how the meat were all cooked to perfection here. Perfection, in my definition being slight burnt-crisp at the edges while the middle-inner part remains chewy.

I love Korean BBQ except for a few consequences of it: 1) The intense BBQ smell it soaks into your hair and clothes, 2) The oily face and 3) The pimple and 12 of its friends newly occupying your face. Other than that, meat, BBQ and more meat? Anytime, man.

Oh and I loved the rice wine with lemon. First time trying it there, first love on the spot.

During the dinner, we had several girly topics.

1) Body hair. A survey involving 7 people on our table found out that females in the modern times of today really do seem to have more body hair then males.

2) Losing weight for summer. The top urban legends of dieting we have heard: a) add oat into every meal, b) drinking isotonic sodas like 100-Plus, c) vegetable soup for dinner and d) grapefruit/lemon juice in the morning. All of them sounds a bit extreme to me and a bit ironic to all of us who were chowing down BBQ-ed pork belly and beef slices.

The management of Hwaro was kind enough to offer our Miss Yiki a surprise. While we just requested for them to bring out the cake, they switched off the lights and came out with a brightly lit cake elliciting the whole crowd in the restaurant to sing a very loud birthday song. So coooool!

And all my pictures from the night look like crap as I messed up with the size of the pictures grr.

Hence ended a very tasty night mm-mm. I can't wait for the next birthday celebration.

Why am I sounding like a glutton?

Well, with birthday celebrations, it becomes the rare excuse to splurge on food and drinks.

Why am I sounding like a cheap-o or so thrifty?

Well, with my Japan trip coming, I guess no further explanations is needed.

One of the reasonsmy skin was appearing vampir-white in the first picture is due my lunch for the past few days.

Delicious until. . . .
Anyway, let me end this post with a vampire-white dog. A cute cute one.

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