Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shiro shrinks!

The core of every human is 'evil'. Why?

Almost 70% of my friends said Shiro was uber-cute the first time they saw him. And it was always followed up by, "I wonder what it will look like when it is wet!"
Does seeing fluffy-cute Shiro shrink into a skinny hot-dog make you that happy????

Well then your wish is granted!

We gave Shiro his first shower last Sunday.

It started out with some wholesome love (petting and brushing) and games (tickling).

Then Shiro was introduced to more games, Water Games. It eagerly followed Ray into the laundry room where the sink became his private bathtub.

One last look of 'Uh-oh I'm in trouble'.

One very last look of 'Save me'.

Now are you ready to see the REAL Shiro????











Ta-da! Wishes granted?


Luckily Shiro has angels as owners *ahem* (Although I did say, "Dai sei. Not cute anymore, don't want you anymore."), so we started drying him up asap. . . .

. . . and laughed at his 'wet' look a bit.

This was lovingly brought to you by, Shiro.

Well to tell you the truth, we took a video. Erm, actually WenJi took a video of me and Ray drying Shiro with a hair dryer. But it is a super-fail video. Instead of a Shiro video, it became a Loretta-Ray-WenJi's-reflection-on-the-mirror video. And it was taken upside-down.

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