Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jells Park with Shiro

Parks will not seem the same once you get yourself a puppy.

You begin thinking of things like, "I wonder if they allow puppies on leash here?" and "What other dogs will there be?" instead of the usual, "I have to run the hell out of 45 minutes to burn that crappy pizza off" or "Let's go carnivorous-BBQing in the park!"

Jells Park is located about 10 minutes away from Clayton. We love bringing Shiro there for walks because the place is huge and because lotsa other dog owners love it there you always get to see many different dogs - big, small, furry, groomed-blad, fat, skinny, shy, over-friendly.

There is also a lake which looks amazing on a good day with the ducks playing around and kids running around.

Because Shiro still is a fidget-ty puppy that cannot seem to walk calmly beside us, we figured out the best strategy would be to tire it out by running alongside him, drain its energy before training him to walk properly with snacks!

The running task was assigned to . . . ? Astro Boy! Er, . . I mean Me, the Astro Boy for the day! I so want to watch the Astro Boy movie. So much so that I have been wearing my Astro Boy jumper all over the place! Gone were the days when the others mocked me for being an otaku wearing my Astro Boy jumper. Right here right now is when Astro Boy is hip and cool again. See my jumper :-D

Shiro loves the grassy areas. Or maybe all dogs love grassy areas. One observation. While the adult dogs walk properly right beside their owners (through years of training I suppose), young puppies are always seen tugging onto their leash, forcing themselves onto the grassy areas while their owners are walking on the pathway.

And don't be fooled by the blue skies and seemingly bright sun. It was very windy. Proof?

Shiro's fur - wind blowing towards the west!

. . And now the air is still.

The park is certainly more fun with a puppy. Shiro being a confusing dog, attracts not only attention but funny questions. Some memorable ones include:

1) Kid asking Mum, "Mummy, is that a dog? It's a Teddy Bear!"

2) Woman asking, "How does his hair stand like that?"

3) Kid saying, "Woah, a snow fox!"

4) Housemate saying, "Here kitty kitty kitty."

Here is the director of the aptly titled 'Shiro: Cloverfield' video below. Enjoy :-)

Before you comment anything about the video: Hey, Cloverfield is about the end of the world okay! You think people can still logically think of the orientation of the camera and hold their hands still for a good quality video???? Come on!!

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