Friday, October 23, 2009

My period love to travel

I am Loretta's Period.

Being a big part of Loretta's life, we are like soul sisters, BFFs since her awkward puberty years. You know what I love doing most with Loretta?

:-) Travelling with her.

To see new places. To experience new culture :-)
Our first travel experience together was to the Sports Centre of Sandakan. Not exactly travel, you said? Well, what if I tell you that it was her first time there? See, first time for the both of us. A very important memory.

Then there was this time she left for KL and I almost did not make it. But, with my determination, I managed to arrive just to 'meet' her at the airport and join in for the rest of the family holiday. It feels good to be partof the family.

Call me whatever you like but I had never been overseas before, so when Loretta was going to Japan and Korea years ago, I went berserk. This was a tricky one. The itinerary was to fly from Sandakan to KK (1 night) before flying from KK to KL then to Seoul, Korea (3 nights) and finally from Seoul, Korea to Japan (5 nights). Gosh. I can only be present for almost 5 days and I wanted to see all these places. Loretta must have been dismayed when I did not greet her at Sandakan Airport. Little did she know that, her dear ol' friend Me was going to appear with a statement in her hotel in KK, thus successfully seeing both Korea and Japan with her.
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But of course there are downs as well, due to Mother Nature's miscalculation or my own impatience sometimes. I so wanted to see Bangkok with her but I must have messed up the dates and ended up lazing with her right at home the few days before she left for Bangkok. In the end, due to again my perseverence, I was able to see the airport in Bangkok. But I could have gone swimming with the dolphins with her, you know! Isn't that a miss? They say that is one of the things you have to do before you die, or menopause for my case!

I love how Loretta goes around Aussie so often - the road trips, the interstate trips - I have been and loved all of them!

Hey but don't see me as a mere leecher, I go through tough times with her too. The intense exam periods, stressful events like proms and her L'Oreal Competition, exhausting marathons. And I know she appreciates me being there. Yes, I do.

Oh, wait. The reason I decided to for the first time talk to all of you through Loretta's blog is: I just arrived today and I am so excited. Loretta is going to Tokyo, Japan next month and on the 23rd of November she will be going to the hot springs. *Beams* Guess what is the date for today!!!

Guys, I have a strong feeling I am going to the hot springs next month. Another item crossed out from my list of things to do before menopause.

The Travelling Period

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