Saturday, October 3, 2009

Such a boring dude.

I am a boooooring person.

When I was young, Mum told me I would be reading/drawing my afternoon away silently at the corner of the living room when normal 3 year olds should be running/screaming their afternoons away.

During high school, I would rather pack my own lunch than to walk to the school canteen. And when I did, I arrived to overhear by accident, a girl who had just been transferred to sit beside me say, "Wah, I have to sit next to Loretta. It is gonna be dead boring."

And I was so boring that it did not hurt/annoy me. Meh, I thought.

As such, while my friends were super popular in high school, I evolved into a hermit (lack of hotness was another reason I guess).

In fact, I am still pretty much a boring person right now.

I love going shopping on my own - looking for bargains and trying new mall food.

I love small gatherings for intimate events like the Mooncake Festival mini-celebration last night. Normally, I prefer staying in with my big big family than to go out for a wild night or parrrtaaaaay. Yeah yeah, call me a bore.

Yiki and Daniel invited a few others to their home and cooked a meal of bah kut teh for everyone. What excited me most were the cincau drink and mooncakes.

During my last two uni years in KL, I developed a hobby of trying out innovative mooncakes with Dad - cheese and bacon, Haagen Dazs ice-cream mooncakes, five nuts. Mmm-mmm. This year, we bought some Hong Kong brand and it was so unique. Why? It was like a whole block of lotus paste with no mooncake skin (don't know what they call that) at all. Weird.
Is it boring to find this fact amusing and astonishing??
An extension to being boring, I am easily bored. Like the other day when Ray was fixing my beloved laptop at my place, I fell asleep in the living room as there was no one to talk to. Shiro doesn't talk. And I was tired of saying 'No!!' to Shiro. Shiro does bite. Guess Shiro and I mutually 'bored' each other out, we both ended up asleep.

Then Ray took this picture of us sleeping together.

Being a boring person, I again found this very amusing and have been looking at it more than 100 times.

Which reminds me of this time when my Sister and I fought on my Grandma's bed. In the end, she kept apologising while I kept ignoring her in anger. The next thing we knew, we both woke up from our slumber with the time showing 30 minutes ahead and her hand still tugging theend of my skirt. What kind of boredom was that? Until we both slept in anger and regret, respectively?

I have been trying to sleep earlier lately given my early working time. Trying to. One night, I was lying in my bed at 9+ p.m. (no night-time social life) then I realised something. Everything Mum has been buying for me have been in pink. Erm, I was crazy over pink during my kawaii-phase which was like, say a lot of years ago?

The pink bed sheets and pyjama pants. Has there been no life-transforming, lightning-inducing events in my life from my kawaii-phase until now which could have let Mum know that I might have changed? And I still enjoy receiving pinkness from her because 1) they are free and 2) maybe deep inside I am still hoping for kawaii-ness. No change = boring?

To top it all, there are afternoons I spents:

1) Filming videos of Shiro sleeping.

2) Wondering what kind of dream Shiro had to have that kind of reaction.

So amusing.

Do you think I am a boring person too?

Sigh, you do?

So I just booked tickets to Tokyo over the last few days.

:-) weeee.

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