Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 and Resolutions

Happy 2010 to everyone!

With the coming of every new year, marks the official day I aged another year and of course, resolutions.

Not that I chase after my resolutions much but making resolutions is a good way to find out where you are in life and what your goals are. In fact, it is quite entertaining, don't you think?

Here is my resolution for 2010:

1) Bikini Body

I know I know. This term has randomly popped up 4549928321 times in this blog of mine ( and maybe another 34945849385493859859389 times in my daily conversations).

But I am making progress. I read before that you know more about your body as you grow older and along with this, learn to love it more and be more confident. I must say this is the phase I am going through right now.

When I was 20, I ballooned up an amazing 10 kgs after a year in Aussie. At age 21, I gained 5 kgs during winter in Aussie. Last year, at age 22, I gained only 2 kgs over winter. ". . . . " If you still don't see the significance in this, I don't even want to explain sigh (this means a lot to me!).

Anyway, this was a long term project and I see myself achieving my goal body this 2010!

2) Career Progression

2009 had been a tough year for me and a lot of my peers. With more downs than ups (just think of the Global Financial Crisis, rise in unemployment and retrenchment, rejection letters), 2009 really tested my determination, faith and most importantly, confidence.

I had the worst interview ever which broke my confidence to pieces of nothing and the best mentor ever who not only gave me a chance, but guided and taught me much more than I could ever ask for. While things are still not rosy yet, what I hope to achieve in 2010 is experience and to reach a level where I am confident and comfortable in my profession.

And really, it is not all about money (although that certainly helps!)

3) Taking better care of myself

I bought my first Body Shop Body Butter in 2 years! (I shall elaborate of my Body Shop Body Butter habit some other time).

A stressful and disappointing 2009 made me a lazy girl - no facial masks (less than 5 times), no body lotion (once a month) and no soup (less than 5 times). At this rate, I am going to age ahead of my time!

I am a true believer of the way you age reflecting your way of life hence, 2010 will see me taking better care of myself and being really vain *practice charisma in front of mirror like a Sim* *by the way I am addicted to Sims!*

4) Connect with friends

I have lotsa friends I talk to only once a year and about the same inside joke we had since 5 years ago. I have some friends I talk to only when either one of us has some crisis. I have friends I wish Happy Birthday and Merry Xmas to only through Facebook.

With the advent of Facebook and online chatrooms, there must be more we can do. Expect to hear more from me and I expect to hear more from you too! Erm, starting with this comment box or chatbox over there? Helloooooo?

5) Improve relationship

Not that anything is wrong at the moment. I just think there is always more that can be done to make it better. Or at the very least, maintain what we have now.

2009 saw a lot of my peers getting married and engaged.

Despite the bold and large font in sweet pink colour, that previous sentence is not leading to "hence that is my resolution". (This saved someone of breaking out in cold sweat).

2010, I just want to reach a higher level of commitment and togetherness. I am not quite sure of the choice of words. After all, how will I even know when I have reached a higher level since it can't be measured? I guess it comes down to feelings.

6) Project Glay Live

I want to lay out an elaborate plan to watch Glay Live in Japan this year.

I have been a fan for almost 6 years now and still love them to bits. I know I will cry and cry and cry if I really get to go there but it will definitely be something I remember for the rest of my life. In fact, if I don't go, I might regret it in the future. After all, I want my first concert experience to be Glay's (I have forfeited a lot of concerts because of this).

So why not, you ask?

When I went to Tokyo, Glay was going to have two concerts in Osaka. I was this close to going all the way to Osaka for it. BUT.

Concert tickets (cheapest): AUD500

How to buy tickets: Through website, you must know Japanese. Through someone, she could not find the place and said it was complicated (even to someone staying in Japan!).

So this year, this 2010, I will use all my resources, network and brain juice to design the perfect plan to go to a Glay concert in Japan at a minimal cost. That is, Project Glay Live 2010.

Now who wants to join in the plan!?

7) Play Final Fantasy 13

Hmm, I don't have a PS3 or the game! Ha! We'll see how this goes!

8) Clear my garden

In fact that is our task for the day. That means, I am fulfilling my 8th resolution today and that is a good start for this year!

Updates: Housemate said the weather's gloomy so our gardening plan might have to be scrapped *horror*

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