Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trout Fishing

I went to trout fishing a day before the first day of work in year 2010.

We went to a Rainbow Trout farm in Dandenong. I slept all the way there so I have no idea how long the journey took.

No preparations needed really, just ingredients and tools to cook your catch e.g. soy sauce, sesame oil, mushrooms, coriander. Oh and your Monopoly Deal card game (gosh I'm addicted to this!).

Fishing equipment, bait, BBQ machine and everything else, you can pretty much find it ready there.

We tried our luck at the 'natural' pond. A big pond with about 10 rainbow trouts swimming freely around. Naturally it was hard. No luck even after 30 minutes.

Then we gave up and headed to the 'instant trout' spots - which look a bit like a big parit. 'Instant' it is, so much so that as soon as you drop your bait in, you get a tug and a bigger tug and some screaming (for those with powerless arms) later, you get your rainbow trout.

This here is a picture of a salmon in an 'instant salmon' spot. Salmon can be sashimi-ed on the spot!

They provide fish cleaning and filleting service as well. So no worries!

10-20 minutes later it's done!

Recipe 1:
Sliced mushrooms
Sesame oil
Salt (rubbed onto fish)
Garlic paste
Recipe 2:
Garlic paste (A LOT)
Sesame oil
Soy sauce

I want myself some seafood now:-(

2 Hikari*fications!:

Mel said...

nice one! missing the ikan pangang back in malaysia.. yum!

hikari* said...

We shall go again one day together, but first, big breakfast day!

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