Saturday, January 23, 2010

MART 130

Mart 130 was named the best breakfast place in Melbourne by the Breakfast Blog in 2007.

'Mart' 130 is actually the reverse anagram of the word 'Tram', as the cafe was converted from an old tram stop, Tram Stop 130 to be precise. While not totally secluded, it is hidden from the hustle bustle of the trams and cars along Canterbury Road.

The cafe itself is really interesting with a mix of furniture old and new, customers loyal and fresh. Peoplewere friendly, service was amazing and most importantly, the atmosphere was hustle bustle of the relaxing kind!

Everyone was quite excited that morning, hence the army of cameras that arrived. Naturally I got snap-happy as well!

Mel and her food blog brought me to a lot of places lately.

The huge cameras scaring my compact Sony.

My first iced coffee in what must have been 2 years.

Lips smacking action. Oooh, look at John in the picture, so artistic right?

And the food came!

Eggs #2 -Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, crsipy bacon and avocado on sourdough toast.

Eggs #1 - Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms on sourdough toast.

Eggs #4 - Poached eggs with smoked salmon on sourdough toast.

Eggs #3 - Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and salami on sourdough toast.

Corn fritters.

Eggs Special - Scrambled eggs with kransky and basil salsa on sourdough toast.

According to the yolk-loving people, the poached eggs were super. The yolk was just nice and so yellow as it flows out slowly . . . . slowly . . . . urgh.

WenJi ordered Chai latte and it was quite cute when they served it with a mug of honey.

Scrambled eggs were equally super, according to the yolk-hater that is me. They were extremely fluffy inside. I loved it although the others thought it was a bit jelak towards the end. I added a nice dash or salt and pepper so it was not jelak at all!

I love eating breakfast, always a good time to talk. I am pretty sure my Mum will love this place!

WenJi Chai.

Mel: The sourdough toast hen hao chi oh . . . . . . . . !
*5 minute later*
Mel: The sourdough toast hen hao chi oh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . !

My personal favourite was . . .almost everything without yolk there. The sourdough toast were really nice and probably the part of the meal which fills you up. Egg #3 can be a bit of a meat-overdose if you are not such a carnivore, according to WenJi. But the star of the show, must be the corn fritters. It was just amazing! The texture was juicy, plump kernels and the oh-gosh sauce which was a bit sweet, not a bit sour, no a bit curry-ish. Actually, I can't describe its awesome-ness.
Despite the seemingly smaller portion, believe me, we all left with a stomach more than full. I would definitely recommend Mart 130 to others and bring visitors here for a good ol' egg brekkie.
Make a trip to this old tram stop and let me know what you think!
Address: 107A Canterbury Road, Middle Park 3206, Melbourne

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Mel said...

lol.. the 'hen hao chi' part made me rofl.. hahaha! highly recommended cafe indeed..

hikari* said...

HEN HAO CHI ah! Where's next??

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