Saturday, January 2, 2010

Japan Day 7

Day 7 was Disneyland Day! Both boys had never been to Disneyland at that point of time so both were really excited and had pretty much the wrong idea. Too much of Gold Coast and Movie World I suppose, for they were expecting crazy scary rides.

But how can the world's happiest place be about life-threatening rides? ? ?

The first Mickey-licious thing we saw as soon as we stepped out of the train was . . . . Mickey bus!

The walkway leading to Disneyland overlooked the Disney Resort Hotel which was in the form of a castle so magical it costs an arm and a leg (or all the limbs in my case!).

Buying the tickets to Disneyland was easy while at the same time confusing. You see, it is easy because you can get it just at an convenience stores (my loves for konbini). But the confusing part is, we couldn't read or understand any of the instructions for buying.
Tip? Get a Mandarin speaking friend in a konbini! (Shall let you guys know more about Jess's friend in my survival tips in Tokyo post!)
Look at our tickets - I got the Minnie one!

The Xmas mood was full on when we were there! Tall Xmas trees decorated with shiny baubles~ Xmas songs in the air~ Caramel and curry popcorns everywhere~ Ha the last one wasn't really anything Xmassy!

Disneyland means picture-picture-picture! AND!! My camera chose to malfunction at this time! Joy to the world.
Scrap that, I am blogging about the happiest place on earth.
One of my favorite movie of the year - UP!

Ooooh! The last time I went to Disneyland was with my family. Apart from almost dying from a kid's version of rollercoaster, I can only recall eating a very big drumstick thing there.
And I found it! 500yen roasted turkey drumstick. I shared one with my Mum last time. I had one for myself this time. I am a big girl now.

The iconic symbol of Disneyland *eyes shine*

Mickey and Minnie were rare sights. Not that they appear rarely, rather it is because everywhere they go, it gets so crowded, chances are you can't see them anyway. (Especially if you are of normal height, e.g. me)

We watched two daytime parades and they were awesome. It made me want to go back to my Disney goodies like back when I was 12.
Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story 3 coming soon!

Pooh and his gang - the theme was winter!

Donald and Daisy!

Tinkerbell oh Tinkerbell!

The musical car!

An incredible Mr Incredible picture shot my Mr IncRAYdible!
And the star of the show whom I want to be - the fairy~~

Doesn't she just look like she jumped straight outta your Disney book? Gonna dye my hair blonde.

Pinoccchio's car with bubbles~

Simba and his pride!

Beauty and the Beast - love the roses!

Other than the parades, what else is there to fight a spot for in Disneyland (for rides, we queue in a civil manner)?
Taking pictures with the characters of course. Count the amount of pictures we took!

How do you fight with cute little toddlers? They are even equipped with cute Disney autograph books and Disney flashing pens.....

Almost every single girl was wearing a headgear. And more than 50% of guys.
When in Rome. . . you get it.

So I tried on roughly a million of them . . .
Maid Minnie

Huge Stitch.

Wizard Mickey, Polka Dots Mickey and Cute Stitch.

Cute Stitch.

Disco Minnie.

Huge Donald!

. . .And I bought ONE!
I got the Cute Stitch. Heh.
Before we knew it (actually after a few rides), it started getting dark and our stomachs started complaining. So off to Galaxy Cafe for some Disney-ficient meals~!
The food there were really simple and the portion was really small (maybe I just imported my Aussie appetite there) but cute as ever.
Sweet Bean Mike - so cuuuuuutttteeee!! - NOM.

Sandwich in the shape of Mickey's hand.

Then it was the night parade. The lights were amazing but pictures were hard to capture. Here are a few~

Monsters Inc!

Alice in the Wonderland - I wanna sit there too!

Cinderella - how pretty is that?!

Buzz again - okay I will go and watch your new movie, so buzz off for a bit la.


The beautiful night ended with fireworks and more Xmas songs.
(And very sick Yours Truly after being dragged onto the Space Mountain extreme ride by a certain Mr Nice Guy)

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