Monday, January 18, 2010

The time of the year again

It is the time of the year again.

The time to decide on what skincare/cosmetics to use.

Headache. Headache. Headache.

This might be easy for some people who:

a) have perfect skin immune to all allergens
b) have no history of bad skin
c) too much money to experiment on

Obviously I am not. So I go through this every year. Deliberating, surveying, asking for opinions, researching online, reading user reviews and collecting samples. Does anyone else go through the same thing?

Saving myself a bit of the farn-ness this year, I thought I might as well write it here and hopefully, some helpful souls willl stumble upon this and care enough to drop some comments.


In the past I have used:

a) L'Oreal - too dry and my skin was sensitive to it
b) Biotherm - too dry and my skin appeared dull
c) Lancome - magic for 3 years until summer in Aussie made it too oily for me

Current: Kiehl's Yerba Mate range - light with a mild scent, refreshing, hydrating and matte.

Aim: More brigthening effect, less blemish, more hydration. Best still,if it is good for summer and winter!


In the past I have used:

a) Chanel Roll-on
b) Lancome (a few)
c) Shiseido

Current: Kiehl's sample

Aim: Dark circles and wrinkles! I have always had dark circles for as long as I could remember. Despite all the recommendations on products expensive or cheap, none of them ever ever worked. I need a magic potion please.

Foundation and Loose Powder

Current: Anna Sui

Aim: A lighter, sheered and more matte foundation. I have just started using foundation this year. So I'm a baby in this department. One major concern is my facial hair - super annoying. It causes the foundation and loose powder sit on the hair surface, instead of appearing blended. Thus, it can get cake-y and yucky. Help?


Current: Bobbi Brown

Aim: Lighter and at a shade that matches my skin colour more. Bobbi Brown works wonders, just like how it is publicised to be. However, it is a bit too heavy. The creamy texture is too heavy for my skin. As a result, it cakes and makes fine lines appear.


In the past I have used:

a) Shiseido
b) Lancome
c) Rimmel

Current: Shiseido.

Aim: Lancome haha. It was really smooth and the texture was less plastic-y (more kohl) than other brands I have used. Or is there a better one?


In the past I have used:

a) Lancome
b) Shiseido
c) L'Oreal

Current: Shiseido

Aim: Smoother finish, curly dolly lashes, less on volume. And, no smudging.


So much to think about.

Any kind souls out there with some wisdom to share?

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