Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birthday 2010

You know what day it is - a freaking hot - birthday to me ("hot" as in the weather, erm see the temperature? Oh or is there no need to clarify?)

After a very sweet surprise the previous night from some really nice people and the extreme weather impeding the grand surprise Ray arranged for me, we decided to go out for some big breakfast. Let's go to Mart 130 the best breakfast place in Melbourne. Let's go to Replete Providore one of the top ten breakfast places in Melbourne.

But being the seasoned New-Year-Eve-Birthday-Baby, I had my reservations. My instincts were right when both cafes were closed!

Let me share my experience with you as a New-Year-Eve-Birthday-Baby:

Sure you get the amazing fireworks, jolly people, celebrations and sometimes even holidays BUT you also face:-

Your favourite eating places either closed or double in price.
Your favourite eating places/hang out spots/ any random place crowded and stuffy.
Your friends having NYE celebrations with family/other friends/in church.
Your sister getting you migthy double discounted stuff due to Megasales.

That is why I usually prefer an intimate and simple get-together at my own place. After all, I am getting old ehek-ehek.

The weather forecast for the day was hot during the day with chance of storm during the night. Joy.

I was in a summery mood hence I donned a bikini top and a long flowy dress. On days as hot as this, I love wearing bikini tops as it doesn't feel yucky when I sweat and any fabric that doesn't stick to my skin blergh.

My arms look disfigured here for some reasons!

I put on green shimmery eyeshadow and watched as they melted away. . .

I love cafe style big breakfasts! It just spells satisfaction. Mmm-mmm.

Snippet of small talk:
Me: You can get the big breakfast and me the toast as I can steal a bit from you.
Ray: Nahhh. I don't want to eat too much.
But look where his eyes were looking at.
(In a far distance, I can hear Lowena salivating)

It was too hot to walk along Chapel Street. SO I grabbed my Free Birthday Boost Juice and left to Chadstone for some strolling around and free air conditioning before heading home to prepare for the party.
Before I could put on my make up, some early visitors dropped by. It was a weird little celebration - three people singing Happy Birthday and eating up cake before jetting off to the city for the fireworks. Nevertheless, it was really sweeeeet.
And behold, my amazing brownies. I make really yum brownies. I do. It all comes down to ONE secret ingredient. Be it brownies mixes or passed-down-generation recipes, this ONE ingredient transforms it to another level.

Oh were you expecting the SECRET to be revealed? Hoho.

Some snapshots from the party.
Amanda, Mel and Su-ee came all the way from the city and braved the storm home. Really touched and really loved the bag, girls!
Snippets of small talk:
Amanda: How did you make these amazing brownies??
Me: *Trying to whisper to her ear* Actually they are from prepacked . . .
So much for trying to keep it down :-{

Someone who almost got mad at me earlier during the day.
Snippets of small talk: (Telephone call)
Me: Jess!! Where is the best place to buy pre-owned games?
Jess: Erm, EB Games. Why do you ask?
Me: I want to buy The Sims!
Jess: Hah? Ergh. . .Don't buy it la.
Me: Why? I really wanna play!
Jess: Why not wait for another day or two?
Me: But I want it! Bla bla bla bla. . . !!
Jess: Haiyer! You try buying it I will kill you. Asked you to open up your present last night, you did not want to!!
Me: . . . . . Oh.

Irwin Street gang minus Ray the photographer.

This is the "Let's take lots of pictures with Shiro to make Cheryl and PKN jealous" picture.

I guess you can tell how hot the weather was by seeing the grease on everyone's face. And how little they were wearing!
So the theme for entertainment was - as little action as possible. Thus:-

The couple that stays together, plays Guitar Hero with the same facial expression :-)

PICTURES! But my camera was acting up again so a lot of pictures were blurry :-(

SHIRO! More like the heat pack/ scarf.


POKER! With my One Piece playing cards hoho.

And entertainment for Shiro?

And my cake for the night was a erm, combination cake!
Cake 1: The surprise the day before!
Cake 2: The surprise from the early visitors earlier during the day (Thanks ShinYi!)
Cake 1 + Cake 2 = My Birthday Cake!

I really hope in 2010, I can have all of these people with me again. Celebrating my birthday and NYE, eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow, laughing and joking. Mahjong, Guitar Hero and CRANIUM!

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