Thursday, January 21, 2010

The pact for NOBU

There was this promise that we made when we were driving back from our Daylesford trip back in July 2009.

We were not in the rosiest state in life. Both were tired and disappointed with a chain of events. Both were unsure about what tomorrow held. There were too many serious things, too many important decisions with too little time and confidence at that time. We were stressed, beat up and frustrated - all in the name of career aspirations.

But at the same time, we were trying to be optimistic, to have faith in ourselves and to be happy. So we made a pact.

"If one of us land a job we desire, that person will have to treat the other to a nice dinner at Nobu".

Six tough months of more disappointments and even more hard work and faith later, we finally made a call to Nobu.

Nobu is a new-style Japanese dining place located in Crown Melbourne. While its main influence resides in Japanese food culture, the cooking style used is mainly western and the many people opt to share dishes like the way you dine with tapas. Fusion.

I really think the word 'fusion' describes Nobu best. Not only in terms of the dishes, but also the energy from the mix of international and local customers as well as multinational waiters and waitresses shouting "irasshaimase" to you over the noisy dining area.

We ordered two entries, two mains, a sushi roll and a dessert.

Entree 1 - Sashimi tacos with yellowtail, salmon, lobster and crab

Looking smug.

Looking hungry.
Entree 2 - Edamame
Snippets of conversation:
Ray: What is edamame called in English? Broadbeans? Green beans?
Me: NO. I know! I'll use the power of the iTranslate app in my iPhone to find out!
*keys in edamame, translate from Japanese to English*
Edamame (jap) ----> Edamame (eng)
Main 1 - Black cod with miso (signature dish)

Main 2 - Prawn and lobster with spicy lemon sauce

Sushi roll - House special (rolled with five different kinds of sashimi and crab meat)

Dessert - Chocolate bent box with green tea ice cream

My personal favourite (Ray's as well) is the Black Cod with Miso - it was sweet and the meat tender. Despite the perculiar way, sashimi with tacos are actually quite nice - not to mention the addition of salsa sauce. However, I find the dessert a bit too light - you know I like my flavours strong (and particularly that night given that I saw the huge chunks of creamy-rich cakes at Greco).
Nobu sent us reminiscing about the quieter dining environment in Japan, specifically Kitaoji. The place was bustling with people and laughter, making it pretty relaxing but less romantic (tsk tsk).
All in all, Nobu was great in terms of food and service. Definitely worth a go to whoever is seeking a relaxing setting for some exciting fusion food. And if you insist on my company. . .
* * * * * * * * * *
I love going around to try new restaurants, cafes or even gerai!
Tomorrow I will be heading to Mart 130, apparently the best breakfast place in Melbourne. According to reliable online sources, the Eggs No.2 are the best they offer there and all of Melbourne. I am not a fan of poached eggs (too yolk-y), maybe Ray can try that :-D
Big breakfast yay!

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