Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm mad in love with the Polaroid application on my iPhone! Some random snaps lately.

The lights at Balzari, Lygon Street.

The last fast food meal I promised myself, now till Chinese New Year.

On the way to Clayton to sell a very fussy guy Ray's old nokia phone. Took 40 mins to inspect and buy only to call back to return a few hours later!

While waiting for the 40 mins million dollar transaction to be done in the car.

Received the best news in a while hence the sunshine in its full glory!

Love the pink Tommy top my bro gave me as birthday presents!

I really miss eating satay.

I am out of foundation, eye cream, toner, mascara and toothpaste.

The day is freaking hot and apparently Monday is going to be 41C!

I really want to eat ABC now!

Moving out is such a hassle you shall expect a grumpy me soon.

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