Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Open laptop exam

You have heard of closed-book exams (stupid question, sorry).
You have heard of open-book exams

Leads to underestimation of the paper, bringing mountains of books into the exam hall which you end up not having the time to flip through at all. Hidden agenda.


Have you heard of an open-laptop exam before!!?

My bet is you haver never! And behold, Miss Lo is gonna be sitting for this unique one tomorrow at 10 a.m.!

So what is an open-laptop exam you ask?

Although I myself am not that sure but what I know is:-

1) You are allowed to bring your own laptop into the exam room.
2) You are allowed to type out the anwers!
3) You can access all the materials within your laptop!
4) No internet or other electronic communication allowed!
5) You might be required to email off the answers by the end of the exam!

How cool is that. HOW COOL.
Naturally I did a weighing test to get a clearer picture of the cost and benefit of this system!

1) You are allowed to bring your laptop.

Hmm. While this gives off the cool executive look and is something unique to MBus CS&T, I am short enough to wanna avoid having gravity and the weight of my laptop push me another 5 cm shorter. The sense of curiosity and adventure overrides your attention towards the exam itself. You get to set up your very own laptop and be seated among another 27 laptops, a vision that spells professionalism *I think*! Like a pet fare, you get to show others your baby which has gone through rain and wind with ya throughout the course. Speaking of which, omg, my laptop is so dusty I can cringe if anyone sees it tomorrow :-(

2) You are allowed to type out the answers

This means cleaner manuscripts, tidier texts, ability to rearrange contents, highlight important parts and bold/underline/italize at only a click away! Now, to apply this specifically to ME:

I thnk i am so gonna give off so much typothat my lecuterer wisheed he had allowed me to writeinstead. I hope o get ot keepp at least 3% of sympathy marks and hopefully he wont laugh at my impressive typing skills (which I highly doubt).
3) You can access all the material within your laptop!
Through the whole 7.12 MB of reading materials.
Hopefully this strategy works *thank sky, thank ground*
4)No internet or electronic communication allowed!
No MSN, no cellphones etc! Which makes me wonder whether music will be fine. I'll use my earphone *shrug*.
5) You mgiht be required to email your answer off by the end of the exam!
Easy-peasy yeah! But, applying this specifically to ME again : I have a proven track record of not attaching my documents before sending them off. If that happens does it mean that they will declare me absent?! Or that I did not hand in my answers!? Or late receipt (so 10% penalty)!? This is so haunting. . . . . . !
With closed-book exams, we tend to get all tensed up at cramming everything into our little brains only to squeeze out whatever we can outta what we memorized. So it is like fitting what we can understand or remember (!) into the questions.
With open-book exams, we tend to overprepare the material to be brought into the hall and underprepare our own understanding of the material. So it is like scavenging for answers from the sea of papers or our own vague recollection of where the answer is to fill into the question.
With open-laptop exams, I ended up over-emphasizing on the power of CTRL+F and browsed/skimmed through all materials at high speed clicking (to change slides). So I assume it will be like building a puzzle with me finding the key point in the question and locating the answer by the power of, again, CTRL+F.
If open-book exam is supposed to stimulate thinking then an open-laptop exam will send your thinking into overdrive? //Trance// ?
Believe me. I do not think of this system as being easier at all.
After all it is a necessity when you have 7.12 MB of required readings of which 50% are at least 40 pages long journal articles, 30% are Venture Capital technical stuffs and the other 20% bits and pieces of everything that makes this unit so damn exciting. I can totally see my self panicking and suffering the aftermath of regret at 1.10 pm tomorrow. Wish me luck :-)

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