Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take me to the Zoo!

"Bring me to the Zoo *mua*."

That was what I said the other day in the car to two ridiculed and confused look from General Tan and WenJi. Followed by the inevitable, "Why???"

My last experience to the Melbourne Zoo wasn't exactly great. Sun was scorching hot, most animals were as baked as I was under that weather. But, that was the weather's fault! Apparently the thought of going to the Zoo never once crossed their minds.

There are a lot of movies depicting the invasion of whatever-other-than-humans at whatever-place-with-humans where all humans are locked up for whatever-reasons and the only remaining few humans out there are fighting for their freedom. Familiar? Not as in the movie idea, but the scenario. The animals in the cages within the Zoo.
Come to think about it. Had humans not evolved or advanced faster than any other animals, say if things were equal among all living things on Earth, I am sure all animals will still be roaming free. Or had the animals evolved alongside with humans, I am also pretty sure that they will be roaming free and unemployment rate for humans will shoot up!

Having gotten used to it, not seeing any animals at all in our daily life appears to be normal. Come to think of it, where are all these animals?

Cornered into the Zoo.
Living quietly in the scraps of nature left from civilization.

You have seen those movies where humans got into such situations before, so pretty sure you can imagine that huh?

But that is just how the world is. Every species, no every single individual, is fighting to survive. Rather than question whether it is fair (cos it is a bit too late), we should see what we can do to help these animals instead. Be appreciative.

That is why I want to go to the Zoo.

My last vision of a lion is from Narnia, the first movie somemore *sigh*
If lions were living alongside us, I can imagine them being the top top TOP executives - highly influential and charismatic.

The tiger is my favourite. The impressive print on its coat and the stare it gives. Oooo.. .. They could very well be top-ranking police officers or really big yakuza/underground bosses! Or even eyewear models with that very-very smoldering gaze. . . (Omg, I might be crushing on a tiger!)
The last time I saw an 'elephant' must be from a Crayon Shin Chan book. How sad how sad is that! Elephants are amazing in a way that they can appear gentle and vulnerable despite their big size and wrinkly leather-y skin. In a way, they feel like really gentle, understanding school principals forever with a smile on their face :-)

Penguins are as cute as buttons. Seriously, you can just squeeze them soooooo tight I swear they will spring back to their fluffy self as soon as you let go. Last sighting of penguins was from Philip Island two years back! The night was freezing cold as I dragged Mum who was so wrapped up she looked more like a penguin herself. Penguins can well be the in the marine with their cute colours as the uniform. A troop of marine-penguins, how cute.

The arctic fox can be the endorser for whitening skin care products. A vision of beauty. I bet they will win every beauty pageant contest. Hence my chances are cut by another half :-(

Wolf. Always think it is cool as a name. Always liked the mysterious air it gives. I can so see wolves as Calvin Klein models and living the high life as rock stars! *kyaaa*

And all the other animals!

A ticket of $23.60 per adult for such magnificient sights. Why is it not worth it?

I am definitely going soon.

Check this out:

While some animals like *shudder* rats (not enlarged, not bolded, not given special colour), have adapted to civilization by finding their place in sewers and corners of houses. I wonder when there will be a day where tigers walk into high-rise buildings to debate about stocks. Imagine him asking a terrified human employee, "So you want me to gobble you up in its generic meaning or exact literal meaning?"

Time to treat animals better, humans!

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