Monday, October 27, 2008

The Reality Show is ending

With the Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) (lovingly known as MBus CS&T) wrapping up soon. Or so I hope, I can't help but think that this course is like a helluva 'reality show'!

1) We were totally clueless about what to expect!

When we first got into MBus CS&T, we were all naive and 'for the good of mankind' scientists. So much so you can see the halo of our labcoats every time we smile. We greeted everyone and exchanged science-y talks. We were all looking forward to a fun-filled year, excited at the different environment, wide-eyed at every new person we met. Then we were showed the schedule for the year. And I clearly recall myself asking, "Erm, so we don't get a mid-year break?" To which a smiling Claire answered, "No. . . . "

(omg, what is this looooooooooooong table for?)

2) We are in each others' faces A.L.L. T.H.E. T.I.M.E

Due to the uniqueness of MBus CS&T, we moved together as a co-hort. And that means the 28 of us attending 90% of lectures and tutorials together all the time. This is usually a strategy to promote 'cat fights' or 'annoyance' but this is loving MBus CS&T ok, so it is meant to encourage 'friendship' and provide 'support' for each other (which I am totally thankful for!). But of course this is in the expense of seeing the good, the bad and the ugly. . . of everyone.

(Me in the ugly and bad mode - nodding off in class)

3) The endless tasks thrown to us on a weekly basis.

Every week there is a "Omg, I can't believe we have to do this". Yup, it happens on a weekly basis. Then there was the "If I survive August/September/October I survive the course". And the "What do they want from us?!". And the classic "I really wanna do this/graduate (!!)".

The tasks were always of so different natures. From Patent Law write-up to presentations for Management. From the torture to argue critically for Business Law to the equally-torturing 'think-like-a-child' session for Marketing Innovation *sweatx100*. Every week, or for the last semester - on a daily basis, you see tears and sweat being shed. Eyebags and dark circles being built.

(Stressed coursemates unite!)

4) We were evaluated fortnightly!

Each fortnight, 28 intelligent young minds stand before the supervisors, but they can only hopefully keep all 28 of us to be in the running for graduating MBus CS&T.

Each fortnight, we give a review of our progress with our commercialization project in front of our supervisors and coursemates, followed with a brief Q&A session. Usually team members will ge together to discuss about what to talk about the morning before the review :-P. Then we get feedback and suggestions as to where to proceed.

(Time for the judges to deliberate with smiling faces!)

5) We get star-struck!

Being the science-y person we are at heart (still!), it is pretty awesome to 'see' what you usually just get to 'read' about from journal articles. To meet with the people behind such discoveries. To go face-to-face with the scientists who came up with that complicated topic you had to die over in Genetics (who you might have secretly cursed!). It is like meeting Pikachu (he is my hero okay, and someone I can never get to meet *tears*).

The opportunity to meet all the CEOs who were kind enough to give us some valuable insights to life is akin to meeting all sorts of fictional beings with careers that only existed in TVB dramas before this. And you know how the contestants grin from ear to ear or scream when the reality show hosts come out? That is exactly the fan-girl reaction I suppress everytime I meet my superstar supervisors. Two of the most charismatic, kindest and wisest people I am fortunate enough to have met :-)

6) PARTY~!!!!

With every reality show, there is always partayyyyssss going on. Well, MBus CS&T, you think we don't have? We have Wine and Cheese at 4 p.m. on almost every Wednesday, alright! Fufufu. Glamour-nya. We have also Gummy Bears, potato chips, all sorta cheese and Solo! Erm, glamour. . .still. . . rite?

7) Multi-location takes!

Early morning bus rides to Caulfield. Late night bus rides back from Caulfield.

Walking like a zombie to and crawling like a dead body back from Clayton.

Excited little trips to the City for day-long lectures.

8) To feel bittersweet towards the end of the journey :-)

This is one amazing journey I have been on.

Our very own 'reality show' approaching a happy end, with 28 very lucky winners all in their very own way :-)

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