Friday, October 10, 2008

Shoe story

I passed my IELTS requirements :-)
So you should be happy too :-) !!
I am currently obsessed with a pair of shoes my Mum brought over for me last June, July, no August? Ah well . . . At first glance it was really a bit too cutesy for me, along with the Mickey Mouse tees, this Happy-Too tee and tons more, but not now. It led me to some sorta self-discovery: I AM TOTALLY CAPABLE OF CUTENESS.


So being in love with those shoes, I ended up gazing at it all day last Monday. Mind you, that was before the submission of the OMG-report and OMG-presentation.

The wet pavement and damp air at 7.30 a.m. on a freezing cold, rainy morning. Thought at that mo' - "Probably not the best time to be wearing these hole-filled shoes."

The blah carpet and sleepy air at 8.35 a.m. in Accounting and Finance tutorial. Thought at that mo' - "Cannot sleep. . . . ZZzzZZzzz. . . " *nudge*! A dozing off Jean by my side. The blah-er carpet and tense air in Business Law tutorial at 12.15 p.m.. Thought at that mo' - "Assignment gonna be given back?" In the end, it wasnt distributed back at all. Should have saved myself the worrying. The toilet tiles and detergent-filled-air in *where-else* the toilet of Building H. Thought at that mo' - "Should I attend Business Law's lecture?" In the end, I went. Knowing me, the good student, of course I went la.The bright tiles and fresh air in Chaddy yesterday~! Thought at that mo' - "Buy what? Buy what? Okay, Loretta, calm down and prioritize! Cosmetics then :-)"


After posting up all those pictures of the same pair of shoes *sweat* I am now overcome with a great sense of lameness *sweat + gloom*

Well, allow me to explain. I just thought it was funny, when reviewing the pictures of the same pair of shoes that, each picture gives off such a different feeling.

Maybe it is the lighting, the background, the position of my feet, the thought I had while taking that picture. Can't really tell. But it made me think that, I really do go through a lot of places, a lot of emotions and a lot of people in a single day.

Although it seems a bit of a hum-drum most of the time, going to uni everyday, or to work every day. But maybe it is cos we never paid attention to the differences that is present.

What started out as a time-killer (taking snaps of ur own shoes, wat the), became a series of visual memories that reminded me of what I met with that whole day.

"The journey of the brave and cute flower-ed shoes".

Everyday is indeed a story :-) Treasure them :-)

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