Thursday, March 26, 2009


I love collaborations. The creative ones, the odd ones, the appaling ones, the anticipated ones -they are always exciting as the result can be top-notch, all-hype-no-oomph, unnoticed or disastrous!

With every collaboration, comes a risk.

Positive brand + positive brand = 'Positivity double up!' or 'We expected much more from you!'

Positive brand + negative brand = 'Positivity up for both!' or 'The bad one still sucks!' or 'The good one is now sucky as well!'

Negative brand + negative brand = 'Positivity up up up!' or '. . . . . what is that?' or 'Sucked doubly!'

Financial note: Higher risk = higher returns
Loretta's note: Higher returns = More collaborations = More excitement
Economic note: More excitement = More spending = Economy stimulation!

Conclusion: Collaborations = Happy ending for all (Well, except for the sucky ones *sniff for them*)

The very latest collaboration which caught my eye is the one between Hello Kitty and MAC Cosmetics. I think this combination fits purrrrrr-fectly. Hello Kitty's image is glammed up while MAC borrowed some of Hello Kitty's girlishness and cuteness. This is a killer combination to any breathing female out there, totally helpless and defenseless against the mouthless little kitten face staring at you from gorgeously coloured cosmetics. It makes you think,"I wanna give it a home!"

I especially love the little Hello Kitty stamp near the tip of the lipstick. You are kissing Hello Kitty awwww.

One of the most successful collaboration I know of would be the Kingdom Heart series. Disney and Square-Enix. Did anyone actually see this happen? I, for sure, did not. After all, Disney always release *ahem* less-than-good games (my own humble opinion) and Square-Enix is known universewide for its mindblowing Final Fantasy series. Furthermore, Cloud with Donald Duck? Mm hei gua.....? And an exaggerated name like Kingdom Hearts!?

But. It. Worked. Big. Time.

With 2 Kingdom Hearts installment out and a few other side games, 3 versions of Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out soon, Utada Hikaru singing the main themes and fanboys gushing "Kairi....", I believe it was a success. It was at first weird seeing Donald Duck talking to Leon (Squall) and Goofy hurting my Cloud, but oh well, the rest is history.

Let's continue on with Square-Enix. The most very extremely exciting and torturous collaboration in my opinion is - Cloud and Panasonic. I can cry remembering how I wanted wanted wanted that COOL phone.

After seeing this poster, some of you might think, "Ceh, he is just a poster boy for it." But no, my silly friends! Watch this!

Cloud used it in the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Chances are. . . he is still using the same one now! Anyway. Erm. This is the COOLEST collaboration ever. No reasons needed, just COOL!

Whew, I need to COOL down. Ta!

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