Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yours Truly

"I am glad I was able to meet you."

This is something I would wanna say to a lot of special someones who stayed with me and supported me throughout this tough journey called 'life'.

"I am thankful I have you by my side."

This is something I would wanna say to that very special someone who I am sure knows without a doubt, these very true words are for him and only him.

Love can take many different forms. There are two general categories - one you were born with and one you meet with the help of destiny.

While the former kind is amazing, I personally think the latter kind is just, beautiful.

To meet that very special one out of all the billions of people out there.
To get to know each other in a way unique to both of you.
To fall in love and to be fallen in love with.
To build a bond just between two very people in this whole wide world.
To see the laughter, tears, anger and fear of each other.

To create a world of two of you.

This is the kind of love you found, nurtured, protected, worked hard for and celebrated.
This is the kind of love you wish to bring upon your future generation.
This is the kind of love which makes you look at him/her, or even a vase, and sigh . . .

"I am so thankful I have him by my side."

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