Sunday, March 15, 2009

Terms with hidden adoration

There are all these terms coined for characteristics of certain body parts of ladies, and sometimes even to men. While most people usually perceive such remarks negatively, upon close examination, there is a probability that these terms were create originally out of adoration!

Muffin Top

". . . term used to describe the phenomenon of overhanging flesh when it spills over the waistline of pants or skirt in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing. . ."
- taken from

Muffins are probably the cutest things ever to me - the colourful frostings, the enchanting smell - why would anyone think of using 'muffin' to describe something he/she find unappealing? Especially on a cold day like today *drool*

Love Handles

". . . a layer of fat that is deposited around a person's midsection, especially visible on the sides over the abdominal external oblique muscle. They are called "love handles" because they provide a soft place to rest one's hand while one's arm is around a person. . . "
- taken from

The explanation explains it all (pun!). Anything described with the word 'love' cannot be that bad! I can so imagine this term coined by a cute British gentleman with a sexy accent to describe the lady love he was crazy in love with.

Bingo Wings/ Butterfly Wings (cantonese)

". . . describe the build-up of fat and/or extra skin that hangs from the underside of the upper arms. . . "
-taken from Wikipedia

Hello? Bingo - winning, triumph, fun! Butterfly - beauty, feminity, charm! Wings - angels, freedom, serenity! Enough said, I believe.

Jelly Belly

". . .describing the abdominal area displaying flabbiness or being untoned. . . "
- taken from Loretta's Dictionary

Jelly Belly is also the official name of the most famous and delicious and fun jelly beans in MY world. Jellies on the other hand, are colourful, tasty and a must-have in all parties. I can imagine a cheekily smiling British man rubbing his beloved's tummy on a lazy Sunday morning, still in his bed hair, coining this perfect term!

Panda Eyes

". . .describing dark circles around the eyes. . . "
- taken from Loretta's Dictionary

What do you think of when you hear the word 'Panda'? Let me guess: cute, precious, valuable, rare, protected, loved? There you have it. A heavily layered British probably made up this term while rubbing his love's red cheeks on a cold cold winter night, after she had to work OT.

Orange Peel (cantonese)

- taken from Mum.

Orange is another great creation of Mother Nature. I love oranges, everyone loves oranges. So, it must be born outta love.

. . . And the list goes on.

The thing is, chances are all these terms were originally coined out of affection, you know the silly little things lovers do. But, due to low self esteem we might have perceived them negatively. And in turn, we used them negatively which caused it to be perceived more negatively by the use-e. Then the negative feedback loop appeared.

From another perspective - who doesn't have a little muffin top? Love handles during winter? Butterfly wings sometimes? Panda eyes during assignment week? A bit of cellulite?
. . . or is it just me. *gasp!!*

Take a few personal examples of mine.

Arang Hitam/ Black Charcoal (Cantonese)

". . . used to describe the skin colour of a person expecially when he/she is tanned. . . "
- taken from Choo's Dictionary.

In fact this term was coined by him buring a BBQ at Eric's house. And charcoals appear to be the central element of most significant importance during a BBQ. All together now, "Awwwww. . ." Now if only Choo was British, with an accent, with a cheeky grin, with to die for bed hair, with strong biceps, with warm hands, with Hugh Dancy's. . oops, hoho.

Then there was this incident where my Sister complained to my Grandma saying that I said her legs resembled those of a wild boar's. My Grandma being the kind and loving person she is, answered in the most sincere way:

"No such thing. Your legs resemble those of an oxen's. Strong, sturdy and hard."

See? It is all up to your own interpretation :-)

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