Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life lessons reality don't teach you

I dont mind having a son who has a love for anime, manga, superheroes, magic powers, video games, saving the world, etc.

Although many parents, or even people in general, see this as a mere obsession that wastes time and money. I personally think this little obsession teaches us a lot in life which reality can never do.

For one, it makes me believe in myself more. One of the oldest theme in animes/mangas/video games is the victory attained by a nobody through his unwavering faith in himself/herself. No matter how weak and defeated I feel at any point of my life, the thought of fighting through the storm to reach the peak of the mountain, always (!!) makes me feel lively again. And you only hear cheesy lines like, "Trust in your inner strength and the light shall shine upon you" from these people. Cheesy but it works!! *sniff sniff*
Like Cloud's Buster Sword - not only a weapon but symbolizes dreams and friendship.

Kenshin's determination and strength helped him attain his ultimate goal in life.

Not only that, it makes me believe in more things. Which is great. Rather than being cynical or sarcastic towards people or emotions by thinking, "XX must have been a rat and FFK-ed me, there is no such thing as best friends", it is so natural to see the other way like this, "Although XX did not turn up and I am disappointed but I am sure he has his own reasons. Nakama dakara!!!!" This is at times, applicable to objects *ahem*. I don't know about others but I see strength in swords and serenity in magic powers *dreamy eyes*

Tidus dared to defy all norms.

I think being like this gives you the energy to do anything.
If it is baking, you feel like doing it like Yakitate Japan - creating new buns with the solar hands you believe you own!
If it is exercising, you wanna train like them guys in Slam Dunk - thoroughly sweaty and high in spirit!
If it is bumming around, you wanna look like Luffy from One Piece - nakama dakara!!!!
If it is a 9-5 office day, you wanna channel Hiro Nakamura - a Yatta for every given task.

"Bonds" and "Friends" - my favourite themes of all time.

Anyone who knows me would probably think I am a bit too animated in real life. Or maybe even in my writing style. My mum said these exaggerated facial expressions would probably cause me to have more wrinkles on my face. Bah. This makes me more interested in talking to others and allows me to express myself in a more accurate manner *nods*. I truly believe that it makes a conversation more interesting, funny and 'sincere'. Nod with me, please.

Little actions spice up otherwise wordy conversations.

Positive, positive, positive. One of the traits I got from animes/games - always be positive! No matter how grim, how destructive, how ridiculous the situation is, there is always hope for a victorious and glorious tomorrow. This might sound stupid but after years of such training, I generally do not worry over something for more than 30 mins ("Should the exam come, I just have to win with whatever I got"), do not get first hand negative thoughts ("I just applied for a job in Japan, if I move to Japan then what am I gonna cook for dinner?" instead of "I won't get the job for sure. . . ") and do not let little failures in life trouble me for long ("A small rock like this, won't obstruct my way towards success! Even if a boulder appears, I have my sword to cut through it!"). And I love how all others who think alike emit positive aura whenever I risk being overtaken my negativity, "Believe in the power of hope" said a certain otaku to me once.

Nothing obstructs Sanzo's path. Loved the lessons from this old priest!

When you are positive, even zombies appear to be "heavily wounded old men"!
Animes/games exposed me to a few whole new worlds - game consoles, art, game music.
Game consoles: The many different kinds with different perks. It's always great to be able to hold a conversation about consoles and the joy it brings to your life.
Art: I always say, mangas/animes are not the same as comics/cartoons. If one cares enough to pay attention, one will find manga to be an absolute work of art. From character design, facial expressions to backgrounds, they are all carefully crafted to bring out what the author seeks to express.
Music: Some of the most impressive music pieces ever are from games/animes. The best pieces to get emo with *sniff*

The beautiful and always emo-fying piece from FF10.
Hmmm, that is a bit too much for a cold morning like this. But I hope you get my drift.
On a cold morning like this, I don't mind having a son who tells me, "Let my Fira be with you, Mummy".

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