Sunday, March 8, 2009

Light bulb!

Light Bulb

One person's rubbish is another person's treasure.

I think this is extremely true.

I am hungry for a PSP and I know people who practically bought theirs for display purposes only.

I dream of a cute as button puppy and there are people whose pets die of boredom.

I have clothes I can no longer fit into and there must be someone out there wanting the same thing!

So my conclusion is: Recycling is the key to uhm, everything!

Lately there is the trend of selling/trading online stuffs you no longer need. I wonder if I should try doing that as well! After all, while the other person can get the item for a lower price, I can earn some extra cash for something new, muahahaha!

Tell me if you think this is a good idea!!!!!!!!

I love scouting around for bargains/2nd hand items/ vintage stuffs.

I love going to Camberwell Market on Sundays. They sell second hand items/ handmade items - a great place for either a bargain or for vintage-shopping!

In fact I would be selling stuff there if not for the long queue in line for the stalls. Sigh.

So how?? Should I do this!!?

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