Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gothic Lolitta

Remember me telling you guys about my worst day ever? Well, I have pictorial evidence to prove it.

See how upset I looked? Just like a screencap out of a really saddest scene of the saddest movie ever in the history of sad movies. Can you imagine? *sulk sulk*

But I am totally alright now! One has to know how to pick oneself up, right-o! So I went out with 13 others for a movie which was cute as a button, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Well, not the funniest movie ever, but definitely charming in its own simplistic way. Isla Fisher was amazingly convincing playing her part and brought so much life into the character - I am grinning to myself thinking of her. Hugh Dancy was charming, charming, charming with an accent! - I am drooling thinking of him. So go go go and watch this movie now!

I went to the gym today wearing a new top meant for exercise I got from my YiMa. Surprisingly, for the very first time in my life, I thought I looked goth. GOTH.
And believe me, I am seriously not emo/sad/depressed anymore.

I do look goth, don't I? (Somehow this looks a bit too Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly and I am getting a bit scared being alone now)

In fact, I think I looked so goth that I didn't even need to try to look emo-ful.

Like screencaps out of the most emo scene from the most emo movie ever within the emo genre. I have never looked more emo! In fact, it was so emo that I thought it was cool.

Goth + Loretta = Gothic Lolitta? Cool.

After all that coolness, let me spread some joy to everyone :-) through pictures.

I LOVE EASTER. For the holidays! For the road trips! For the Easter Camp in 2006! For the devilishly tempting chocolates!

Look at all these chocolates - bunnies, chicks, small eggs, medium eggs, large eggs, bombastically large eggs - do I see some drooling? Oh maybe it is just me!

I especially love the ones from specific brands such as Lindt (they have the prettiest!), Cadbury (they have the most variety!) and so on. To see the bunny version of KitKat and maybe, the egg version of Cherry Ripe - you can feel your love and passion for chocolates burning all the calories it brings. Calories? What calories, it's just love, my dear.

Life with tons of chocolates is like a blooming lily. Just beautiful.

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