Tuesday, March 10, 2009

21 years on

This was the picture of me back when I was 1 year old.
In between then and now,
I walked and scrapped my knees.
I was given a sister with wobbly cheeks.
I bullied and was bullied in primary school.
I fought in songs and punches with my sister.
I made friends whom I will never forget and whom I would rather forget.
I lost and found my confidence.
I felt alone and defeated before learning to pick myself up.
I wanted the wrong things in life.
I succumbed to pride before learning to be humble.
I loved and learnt from a broken heart.
I indulged in lots of dreams and am still dreaming.
I saw and heard from different cultures.
I learnt to laugh at my own mistakes.
I learnt to reach out and rely on others.
I learnt to love myself.
This is the latest picture I took of myself.
21 years on, I must say, I look pretty darn happy :-)
And I am still learning.

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