Friday, March 13, 2009

Times when I fly

What do you do when the floor you are standing on crumbles into nothingness?

"Look, ma, I can fly!"

That is true, one can only grow stronger upon disappointments in life.

I always think that as long as one has people who care about them in life, they will improve.

When there are people who care about you, they will make sure you do not go astray or get cornered into one of life's dead ends. When you do end up in an indesirable state of life, these people will make sure you stnad up again with support and encouragement. Like a positive feedback loop, one can only improve - smile brighter, look prettier, go further in life.

If you have people who care about you, this must mean that you care about them as well. For who would cherish such time, effort and attention to one who doesn't deserve any of them? So, those who are improving are those who care. Those who realize that time gone cannot be redeemed. Those who appreciate how important others are.

So this is a positive feedback cycle that goes on and on.
To be cared, you have to care.

Sometimes, you see or hear of stories where one receives so much attention and love when he or she does not deserve so. This is probably from parents (unconditional love), partners in life (uncontrolable love), or any other source/form - but the root of this is just: luck. They are lucky to have such parents. They are lucky to have such a partner. But, luck runs out. Or, at least from my perspective, luck is a bonus from hard work.

Sooner or later, these people will lose the care or love they have so taken granted of.

Be more aware. Pay more attention. Show more care. Cherish every moment. Live every emotion.
You never know when the other person is going to disappear forever, from your life.


I am really lucky to have some really good friends around me. Not purely luck, we would not still be friends had we not made the effort to keep in touch, regardless of being half a continent away or fashion-sense wise a thousand light years away.

After my worst day ever (yesterday), someone sang me a nice tune and told me that it is alright to cry before cheering me up again with funny high school jokes and 'promises'.

After reading about my 'Updates' post, someone took the effort to message me on msn, asking me not to give up and to continue believing in myself.

After seeing my bizarre ideas struck out of boredom, someone actually encouraged me to go ahead and made me feel better by sharing his cheesier and cornier ideas.

After seeing a sad emoticon, someone messaged me to tell me things will be alright even before knowing what was wrong with me.

After receiving an sms about my worst day ever, someone was nice enough to tell me how much worse her day was and that we should never bow down to Black Fridays.


It might have been my worst day ever yesterday, but I am going to make today the total opposite. Be it rain or thunderstorm (the current weather).

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