Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Satisfying the Shopaholic this Recession

It was the VIP sale at Chadstone yesterday. From 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., almost all stores offered discounts ranging from 15-25%. Which I must say is a tad bit unexciting when one is used to the 50-70-80% discounts in big red fonts during Mega Sale in Malaysia. And even more unexciting when one vowed to not shop up a splash until she lands a job.

But but but!! I found a good way to substitute the salvation you gain from purchasing during a trip to the mall :-D

What is the big plan, you ladies-stuck-in-the-recession ask?

Trying on clothes - preferably in a group. So you can proceed to show your friends, take pictures of yourself and enjoy the momentary hug of new fabric - with less guilt.

What is my damn problem, you lovely-ladies/gentlemen-working-in-a-busy-store ask?

Well. Everyone loves to see themselves looking good, no? I am sure you all will understand this theory when you are not working in you own store :-)

Not only do you get to see yourself all dolled up without the outgoing of precious cash, you get to have a mini dress up party with you friends, amuse/hint/encourage/convince your boyfriend to get you that special dress which landed a place in your heart, experiment with different styles and ooh la la, most importantly, keep the spirit to look good alive and kicking hard!

There is this downturn that I am sure every girl experiences when she stops dressing up or paying attention to her appearance (deliberately or not), where she suddenly finds herself not knowing how to dress up, losing her style and confidence, neglecting her body and forgetting that she deserves more love for herself.

So this method serves as a healthy and economical reminder to us all (not only ladies!) - remember your fabulosity!

The conclusion: I went to Chaddy last night, tried on a galore of clothes, paraded around even in a pair of heels they have in Bardot with friends, educated Ray on how shopping can be interesting and satisfied my own new-clothes-craving, all at the expense of $14.

Proud of myself, immensely. Hmmm, who bought a wig again? *evil cackle!*

Anyway, I 'updated' my style a bit. Ahem ahem.

What I think is sexy lately:

Body hugging dresses with an exposed zip (not hidden ones) trailing the length of your back.

Body hugging beige or any neutral coloured dresses - the nude colour explains all!

(I loved both dresses but both were a size bigger so, sigh)

P/S: Do not let the my face or the fact that I was the one wearing those clothes, dispel the credibility of the sexiness of those 2 dresses. I tried hard wuwuwu.

In fact, after this healthy and economical shopping trip, I couldn't wait to get back into my sneakers and get fitter for my next trip :-)

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