Tuesday, March 17, 2009


One of the things I love about being in Australia: F R E S H.

When I came over here, I was looking forward towards: a fresh start - new environment, new poeple, new place, new prospects.

In fact everything seems so much more fresher here.

The air, the fruits, the vegetables, the flowers.

I started having new likes: grocery shopping, cooking, colourful rows of fruits, meeting new people and so on.

I started having new dislikes: routine, mundane days, lack of passion, and so on.

Out of my first year in Aussie, I can say that I learnt that I am someone who desires fresh changes and passion and movement. Maybe one of the reason was cause that very year, I was turning 20 and for the first time I really heard my biological clock ticking. Woopsie.

It was not that apparent then, but it is now.

I do not want to go through any day without really 'feeling' the day.

I do not want to sit through the whole day: absent minded, empty, felt nothing.

Even if the day was uneventful, I want to make it a day I 'lived'.

If I am going to be sad, I want to feel every bit of it.

If I am going to be happy, I want to show every bit of it.

If I am going to do cook, I want to cook something interesting.

If I am going to run, I want to sweat along to my favourite music.

If I am going to spend time with someone, I want to make every moment out of it.

I want to leave no space for boredom in my life.

I want to appreciate every single moment, make the best out of my time.

Certainly we do not grow any younger. The time used to sit around stoning is the time we wasted - no memories, no discoveries, no feelings, no emotions.

I am growing to loathe the feeling of sitting still doing nothing feeling nothing - I feel like I might go stale doing so. Like these fresh capsicums here, I would rather be cooked and served hot than to end my life as a stale being at the very same place.

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