Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weird little things

I am a weird person.

Before that, I read a very sweet post on a friend's blog (erm, we do not technically know each other other than glances across Campus Centre and timid smiles, her name is Hui Wen). Her boyfriend, surprised her with a big yellow sunflower just because he thought the colour of the flower matched her clothes for the day. On cue . . . "How sweeeeeeeet!" On cue again. . . ."Happens in real life meh!!??"

Well, yeah it does. For one, I get such surprises all the time. Everytime I turn around I see my Ray with: an uber gelato, a creamy milkshake, obsessed with a new gadget, snoring away the afternoon, a platter of sushi/sashimi.

Now, why did I balloon up during winter?

Back to weirdness. Everyone has their very own quirky, unreasonable, strange habits I guess. Let me share some of mine with you.

1. I always flush the toilet the moment before I leave. Big, small business. Good, bad odour. Told to or told not to. Why? Cause the flushing noise is just too loud! But not flushing is just too eew-y! This scenario often happens:

Mum: Kah, don't flush the toilet first!
Me: Okay. *Flush* Ahhhhhh!

2. The dishes I cook are often really 'dark' in colour. I love splashin in dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, etc. Or add corn flour to make it thicker and the darkness more intense. I call this sexy-cooking.

3. I can get really emotional or involved with a movie/series/fictional character. I cried until the whole bed was shaking during the third time watching 1 Litre of Tears. I have never watched an episode of Heroes without cursing 'heavily' at Claire and lately, Matt Parkman, or whoever gets into Peter's way. I mean, your Dad loves you that much, you bimbo cheerleader!

4. I tend to peel off my nails. Especially on cold nights. Especially when I am watching something. Especially when the sun is shining. Especially when I am zoning out.

5. I always do this in order every morning: brush teeth, wash face, apply sunblock, put on contact lens, get dressed (top first, pants second), put on make up, finally accessorize. Steps can be omitted but the order cannot change!

6. I brush my teeth really hard, or else I will feel like I did not brush at all. So, my toothbrushes often end up this way.

7. I wash my face without lowering my face near the tap or sink as I always have the feelingmy head is gonna reach the tap and I will knock my head onto it!

8. If I eat something which is too spicy, I will start with a runny nose, then numbness around my fingers and finally, tears in my eyes. And I will still be eating boohoohoo.

9. I always dream about celebrities and they are most often males and they are almost always in a relationship with me! Talk about lucky, man! I have been hugged by a sweaty Shane Westlife after a concert, received a floral long skirt from Teru Glay in Jusco (hoho), touched Brad Pitt's face and most recently went for a walk with Milo Ventimiglia in a park with our adorable son.

10. I love ironing clothes. I love seeing the intricate details and smoothening out my clothes.

11. Usually when I get some new clothes I tend to take a while before wearing them as I - usually am not sure what to wear them with or have forgotten about them.

12. I was/am otaku enough to have thought of a story a.k.a name for a manga I wanted to publish during Form 2. The story is still fresh in my mind haha!

13. Whenever I start on my PS2, I will have a bottle of water and some biscuits beside me. So that I do not need to run back and forth to disrupt the flow of the game.

14. I like to purposely make people feel angry or act like I am angry/sad/offended only to tell them that I am not when they panic. But sometimes, I am so dedicated to this profession that I end up forgetting why I was angry or become angry for real. Woop!
15. I always think that I can probably sing better if I have a mic-stand with me and if I can jump higher.

16. My favourite potato ball/bomb is the one I tasted a few years back at a Malay stall in Cameron Highlands.
On a separate but totally important note, I have became really dark. Sun-kissed not. Sun-munched.

On a more important note, I am totally in love with the GreenTea Milkshake from Samurai. A little Japanese place situatedat 804 Glenferry Road, Hawthorn. Food is alrite but cheap-o and the milkshake is bombastic.
It looks green yucky in this shot. It was so thick, we could not drink through the straw at all!

But I guess you can sense the delicious-ness of it from this serene picture of Ray.

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