Monday, March 9, 2009


It's supposed to be a week of 26-28C but why is it so cold!?

The great thing is: my new teddy bear is sooooo warm and huggable.

A lot of people has been asking me such questions lately:

How have you been? What are you doing everyday? Have you found a job yet? What do you plan to do?

Well, lemme address all these curious minds right now.

How have I been? In fact, I have been great - albeit, the slight emotional rollercoaster in me. I can be totally high up in motivation one moment and gutter low in energy the next. This does not go on constantly, just maybe 2-3 times a day. Other times. I just do my best in everything.

What am I doing everyday?

1) Helping Ray and LiLet out with their new house - from house inspections, furniture buying, moving to storing. Finally as of today, they will be moving into their brand new place.

2) Looking for a job - an area I need to buck up and really focus in starting today! After all other matters are settled.

3) TR application - those of you who happened to read my previous post regarding my TR application would probably be aware. But I have since submitted my application and please, fingers crossed for me :-)

4) Surfing the humongous internet - for news and fun, for play and work, for business and science. I have been so into the internet lately that I think I might as well include a mini entry here detailing my daily internet journey:

As soon as I wake up, I will check my email and welcome the 48 Facebook messages traced to the high school pictures Steve and Shuk Ye posted lately.

Then I will have my daily dose of paparazzi updates at PerezHilton. Before moving on to check the weather for the day or more like for the hour.

After that, I will be roaming around Yahoo! News for the latest and most bizarre news. Once I am done with all these, I will take a peek at my own blog. Usually it is damn quiet so I leave as soon as I arrive.

Finally I will settle down to do some work. Serious browsing for serious business.

Once done/tired/hungry, I will do the following:

Stalk blogs - my sister's, Siew Chin's, Mel's, Amanda's and all the link on their pages muahaha. Then I'd start going to some of the more famous blogs. I love reading Kenny Sia and lately Cheesie's. I also read SuetLi's, fourfeetnine and several others! So, please continue feeding me by posting more regularly, people :-( or suggesting more blogs for me to read :-)

Play some games - MSN or flash games. I like this one called Causation from

There is this new gem I found on the internet and I have been going to the site every single. Very funny stuff you can find inside! And I am here to share, click sini!

At the very end of every day, usually 11 pm sharp at night, I will loyally go into Seek and the Monash Employment site. And browse through the selection of jobs for the day. Save down the ones I want and research on them on the following day.

5) Cooking - Since everyone in my house are working and busy with other matters, I am the one who is relatively free. So I have been in charge of the cooking every night!

6) And this!

Have I found a job yet? Truth it, no, not yet :-( But I am trying very hard and I have loadsa supportive people around me. Always ready to share their experience with me and provide advices to me. I will keep trying hard!

What do I plan to do? Get my TR status as soon as possible. Continue with my jobsearch. Build my own life over here.

Life is but a journey - hence while you are living it, there should never be an end in your mind. For who would want such a beautiful journey to have an end. Therefore, aim for the experience - the enjoyment, emotions and lessons learnt - instead of focusing too much on the outcome which is often more superficial in form - wealth, fame and power.

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