Monday, March 23, 2009

Small changes I enjoy

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What is the best way for an instantenous make-over or to feel brand new?

A change in hairstyle.

In - colour, length, fringe, curl, softness.

Whenever I see or foresee a change in my life - I go for an extreme change in haircut.
Whenever I see my life being too static - I go for an extreme change in haircut.

Bah, who am I kidding?

I just love to feel brand new and see different sides of myself.

The last trip back to Malaysia, I straightened by hair - first time since before college. And I lurved it - despite being called a failed Cleopatra. It has been more than a month since so. . .

. . I curled my own hair using WenJi's curler! And I lurved it- despite the curls being here and there and in and out!

I shall be curling my hair very often - I have a strong feeling. I wonder why.

Isn't it great to be able to get a change of scenery from time to time? Same theory here.
Isn't it great to feel pampered from time to time? Exactly!

A small change like hairstyle - can make you feel anew and fresh - without too much of the shock or horror or fear element usually associated with change.

Despite the curly hair, I am still the same inside *shrugs*

I still get excited and curious about extremely coloured drinks. I lurve my Pepsi Blue - I feel like my cool factor goes up 1000x everytime I am with my Pepsi Blue. In a transparent glass, of course. This here is Ramune Hawaii.

The smart-cut engineering approach to an eclectic blue drink. Analyze, observe.

The curly-haired pop idol approach to an eclectic blue drink. Smile, wink.

Besides that, I still lurve cooking creatively and indulging *tears in eyes*

Grabbed these pancakes which were on special - just pancakes? Not good enough. I prepared apples - apple crumble style with dried apricots (no raisins T.T). Not good enough. A scoop of vanilla ice-cream for each pancake.
Complete perfection. So much so, no one remembered to take a picture of my hard work *sniff sniff*

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