Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Women in My Life

Words of wisdom from Women in my Life


"If you do not speak up, you will always be just quiet and never heard"

"Wanting to look pretty is nothing to be embarassed about"

"Your black face (chinese term) says you dislike everyone/everything although you might not think like that"

"Girls don't have to act dumber to appeal to guys, just don't be proud or harsh when you are smart"

"You don't need to look pretty/sexy/beautiful, just presentable"

"Just because you don't have a boyfriend, it doesn't mean you are in any way lesser than others"

"Just because you are my daughter, you know you can come to me in times of failures/disappointment"

"Honesty is sometimes not easy but always the most appreciated approach"

"Remember - even a phone call means a lot"


"A girl must know how to take care of herself and love herself - be it beautiful lingeries or a nice long massage"

"If you are only going to complain and do nothing about it, stop wasting my time and your time"

"You are you. He is him. Just because you are in a relationship, it doesn't mean that your identities have to be gone"

"There is no need to be too bothered by what others say - as long as the people who matters understand and you are at peace with who you are"

"Never believe in hairdressers, there is never volume in your hair when they promise it"

"Do not be too harsh on yourself, you only live once"

"Never be too angry over someone else, you do not deserve that wrinkle or lost of appetite"

"Dieting is one thing, appreciating food while you can is another and both are equally important"

Aunt Bing

"Be thankful for what you have cause the future can always change or take something away from you"

"Learn to rely on your family"

"This is tough but it is sometimes necessary to learn to let go of your pride"

"Sometimes, there are things which you have no choice but do"

"As a girlfriend, one must know when to give in and when to stand up for oneself"

Grandma (Porky)

"Your grandpa was handsome and really nice, but it all changed after marriage, I wonder what happened"

"Life was never easy with five kids and a useless husband but those are your own kids and own husband"

"I am so old and I never thought I would ever get the chance to see real snow, so I am happy"

"You get bullied for being lesser than others, but the truth is, only those who are arrogant enough to see or pinpoint this weakness of yours will do the bullying"

"It is very important to be educated and see more of the world, then you can tell me about it"

Grandma (Sibuga)

"A girl must know how to act like a lady"

"You are obedient and nice, that is all that matters to a grandma"

"Cooking is a good thing to learn, to teach to your kids next time and tell them your grandma used to cook this all the time"

"I cannot read and write, but that does not mean I know a lot less than others"

"Do not be blinded by wealth/career, a woman needs to find a good man and love and marry"

"You might think you don't need a man now, but why not find a good companion and see your own kids"

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