Thursday, March 12, 2009

Those were the days

I have grown to love workwear. What used to feel like dowdiness, inflexibility and plain boredom, all gone! There is so much you can do with workwear and definitely an area of dressing up which I have never ventured into!

I am taking every chance to dress up formally/semi-formally. I cannot wait to start my internship *yay!*

A few side effects coming from this new love of mine:

1) I think my other clothes are a bit too childish (hello kitty-ful t-shirt, peko-peko t-shirt)

2) I feel like the tuck-in+high-waisted combo all the time for almost everything.

3) I dream of myself walking in the city looking smug all the time.

I took that picture yesterday and I was dressing up for - - - - - a career fair! (Don't go 'Bah!' on me! ROAR) Yani told me to go in semi-formal wear. So. . .ta-da! I see that as semi-formal, don't you?

Quoted from Yiki last night, "Waking up an hour earlier to dress up properly can make a person feel good and glad for the whole day while sleeping that extra hour and dressing up in a hurry can make a person feel flustered for the whole day." Again, the conclusion is (which Yiki and I said at the same time like some choir duo), "There are no ugly girls, just lazy girls."

So judging from the pictures, I was feeling rather good. Walking out of my house and to university. Soaking up the sun. Feeling the breeze.

Going to uni in formal wear, erm okay, I meant semi-formal wear, gave me a different feeling. I was not going there for studies but for business purposes (career fair haha). There is a form of empowerment you feel when you are dressed professionally.

I sighed with a smile when I saw this building where we met so many influential people, gave nerve-wrecking presentations and most importantly, learnt from two of the wisest people ever.

But, together with this new-found self and attitude, come reality hits.

These pictures are all antique-fied cause it feels like an era which passed me by centuries ago*tears*

Walking to uni with friends, dressed in whatever way you want.
The bustling crowd near campus centre.
Being in a big group of friends, taking control of a certain corner in campus center.
Gang-complaining about the food quality and price in uni.
Saying 'Hi!' or 'Oh my God!!" to almost every one in uni.
Seeing familiar faces everywhere in the uni.

Those were the days. Sigh. Then it started raining. The breeze became howling wind.

The worst part is, not being able to indulge in oogling cute guys without feeling guilty or creepy myself!
Those were the days! SIGH!

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